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When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

Air conditioners, like the rest of the appliances in our home, have a useful life, and sooner or later, it’s time to renew them. The question is, when?

Generally, the useful life of an air conditioner is 15 years old. Although this also depends on the use and maintenance and the quality of the split itself. Likewise, it is essential to keep in mind that it is not strange that from the age of 10 or 12, failures can arise. It will be time to rethink the repair or replacement of its appearance.

And, what failures will serve as an alarm to realize that it is time to renew the air conditioning?

Does your air conditioner break down frequently?

If your air conditioner has given you several headaches lately and you have had to invest a lot of money in maintenance, one more repair may not be worth it. It is essential to confirm this point with the expert, our Official Technical Service, who knows our products best and will ensure the best way forward.

Doesn’t it cool like before?

Over time, an air conditioner can become inefficient. And that is noticeable when it is turned on, and you feel that the environment does not cool down as quickly or as much as before. In addition, this inefficiency affects many other things, such as energy consumption.

Has it started to make too much noise?

Air conditioners are household appliances made up of motors, fans, turbines, and other parts that are not silent. Likewise, the new generation of splits is designed to provide maximum comfort, which means that they are ultra-silent, like ours.

That said if your air conditioning has started to make more noise than usual, contact the Official Technical Service to confirm that it is not a lack of cleaning of the filters. In case that is not the problem, we recommend a change.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

Does your split consume a lot of energy?

To know what basis we start from, we must first understand what energy label our air conditioner has. As a reminder, the rating goes from G to A+++, from most minor to most efficient. In the case of Midea, our entire domestic range has the A+++ label, which guarantees minimum energy consumption.

Likewise, if we see that, when using our air, our electricity bill shoots up more than usual, we have to take it as a warning to remedy it. The new generations of air conditioning seek to maximize energy efficiency, which is why Midea integrates technologies into its units that favor these objectives, such as:

  • The high-efficiency Inverter Quattro compressor
  • The Economic mode, with which you will save up to 60% energy vs. make use of Auto mode.
  • The GEAR consumption management system, with which we can limit equipment consumption to 75%, 50%, or 25%.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

Do you need new features?

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, it probably does not have some features that the new models can provide. Here we present some of those that Midea air conditioners have to guarantee greater comfort:

  • The possibility of programming your split.
  • To control it through your smartphone, Alexa or Google Home.
  • The technology guarantees purer air in your homes, such as Midea Proactive Pure (Link to NDP), which is responsible for eliminating unpleasant odors, pollutants, viruses, and harmful particles.

In the summer seasons, when the days are very hot, having an air conditioner is a necessity for every home, office or industry; in order to have a fresh and adequate environment to carry out their activities. However, many people believe that this equipment lasts forever and they have not changed it for years and do not know that this can cause them to spend more on their operation and there are possible risks to their health.

Investing your money in a new HVAC system may not be what you have planned, but in many cases it may be necessary and the best investment you can make for your homes and businesses.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

 In Mexico, the climates can vary a lot and there are seasons where they are necessary due to the high temperatures that can be reached and make the spaces uninhabitable, for this reason they have to do an analysis of their air conditioning or air conditioning systems in their homes or offices, to identify if they need to make a change.

Currently there is a wide variety of these equipments that can be adapted to the different characteristics of spaces. Below we will discuss the main signs that you need to change your air conditioning system.

The first sign that they will notice is an increase in their electricity bill, this is one of the main factors that they must consider to know if they need to change their climate , since, with time and wear, despite having good maintenance, they will reach the end of their projected lifespan, which can vary between manufacturers and brands, and will start to consume more energy, as they will be much less effective at cooling the air and will require more time to run to cool rooms.

The fact that the equipment continues to work does not necessarily mean that it should be kept, because by lowering its efficiency, the quality of the recirculating air also decreases, which is a possible health risk, so it is time to acquire a more efficient equipment and best quality performance offered by newer systems. 

Just because your system is old doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced, but you also shouldn’t wait for a complete failure before replacing it, as the cost of maintaining it may be higher than you realize.

A second factor that must be taken into account and that is related to the previous one is the operating costs. The fact that the efficiency levels have increased in previous years means that the new equipment has a lower operating cost, as it consumes less energy and requires less time to cool the rooms, that is, it consumes less energy and requires maintenance and cleaning. of the filters less frequently. 

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

This is a very important consideration whether or not you decide to replace your HVAC system, especially if you require constant use of the equipment, such as in offices or factories.

The longer your equipment has been purchased, the more likely it is that its rating is relatively low from the time of purchase and with use it is no longer able to function as efficiently as before. Investing money in a higher rated system can save you money in the long run.

The third factor to change your air conditioner is the repair needs; the equipment that needs to be replaced is a signal that it needs to be repaired more frequently and especially in the seasons of more use. If your unit requires frequent repairs, even if it’s not that old, then you should definitely think about replacing it.

While you don’t need to buy a new drive every time you run into operational problems, just because a system can be repaired doesn’t mean it’s worth repairing; since on many occasions the costs to repair them can be equal to or greater than what it would cost to acquire a new unit.

The last factor they have to take into account is that the filters and aftermarket parts are discontinued; It is common in older equipment that to replace the filters or make a repair, it is an odyssey to find the necessary parts, since they are no longer manufactured and, if found, can be very expensive.

In the case of filters, it is where they should pay more attention, since they are responsible for maintaining good air quality in the rooms; especially if they require special filters, such as those used to remove particles that can cause allergies. When the spare parts are discontinued it is time to invest in a new Monterrey air conditioning unit.

If you are in doubt as to whether you require new equipment, contact a specialist for an assessment of your unit to get reliable advice on the current status of your HVAC system and decide whether to invest in a new one and what features it should have.

The best climates can be found in the Branatech online store, where we specialize in the distribution of units for industrial, commercial and domestic use. We deal with our own brands and the most important international brands at the most competitive prices in the market, we also offer special prices for your projects, in construction companies, for architects and engineers, groups of contractors, hotels, among others.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

We have a production plant in the city of Monterrey and sales and distribution branches in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Cancun, in order to distribute our products throughout the Mexican Republic.

 If you want to know more about the characteristics of the different air conditioning equipment that we have, visit our online store or contact any of our offices where we will gladly assist you and provide you with the best solution for the air conditioning of your homes, offices.

 and industries; You can contact us by phone or send us an email, where we will advise you on your projects, do not forget to follow us on our social networks or share our posts.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit 2023

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