What is spikeball?

What is spikeball?

Spikeball is a sport that has gained tremendous popularity in the American continent. Next, you will learn in-depth what this activity consists of and how to play it so that you can enjoy all the fun that such an entertaining game represents. Keep reading everything we bring for you!

As of 2008, the company Kankakee Spikeball Inc. became one of the leading manufacturers of this game, exporting it outside the American continent. The brand name knew it. In Europe, it began to be marketed under the Trivolle name, but the brands would soon unify, and spikeball would become the reference name throughout the world.

To play spikeball, a circular net is used that rests on five legs. For example, it can support any surface: sand, grass, or asphalt. In addition, it is pretty practical and manageable, so it is very comfortable to take anywhere. Complete spikeball equipment can purchase from stores like Amazon.


  1. What is spikeball?
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  3. How to play spikeball?
  4. Spikeball Rules
    • How do you score a point in spikeball?
  5. What does a spikeball set include?
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What is spikeball?

In 1989 Jeff Knurek, an American toymaker, industrial designer, and cartoonist, invented spikeball. A game that became popular in the United States and became a sport.

It consists of a mixture of the four blocks and volleyball games. Which was first called “roundness” until it adopted the name by which it is known today: spikeball.

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How to play spikeball?

The game spikeball takes place in two teams of two players each. At the beginning of the game, the player must stand on the side corresponding to his squad in opposite positions, with the net placed in the center. Throughout the game, there are no fixed positions, so during its development, the players have no limits in terms of mobility. All this as long as it does not prevent the opposing team from hitting the ball. The game’s objective is to hit the ball over the net without the opponents having the chance to return it successfully.

The two pairs stand around the net with the members of each team facing each other. That would be the initial position, although they can move as the game requires since there are no field limits as such. The important thing is to hit the ball against the net without the opposing team having the chance to return it. Therein lies the main similarity with volleyball.

The players will be placed at least 1.8 m away from the net to serve. From there, they could move freely. As soon as the ball bounces off the net, each team, like volleyball, has three hits to return it. If he fails, the play will be over. It can also end because the team fails to return the ball, because it touches the ground, because it hits the ring of the net or because it bounces more than once on it.

Thus, if the players are skillful, a very entertaining exchange of blows begins in which height or physical resistance is not as important as aim, reflexes, and, above all, strategy. Usually, games go to 11, 15, or 21 points, and it is an ‘unwritten rule’ that the winning team will start with a two-point lead in the next game.

Why play spikeball?

  • It’s fun. Yes, it’s that simple: spikeball is a dynamic and simple game that requires only four people to play. Whether with friends or family, in the park, or on the beach, spikeball will be a hit if you want to have a good time.
  • Play where and when you want. The spikeball net and all its accessories are accompanied by a backpack that absolutely everything fits. You can take your gear anywhere and put it on any surface: sand, grass, pavement, and even snow if you’d like.
  • It is suitable for any age, from the smallest to the oldest. Everyone can enjoy this activity. Nor is height a critical aspect when playing. It is ideal for people in wheelchairs.
  • An optimal physical condition is not necessary. As we said before, agility and good reflexes are essential, of course, but not essential. The players will determine the rhythm of the game. The game can be much more relaxed if we don’t want to or can’t move with great intensity and speed. With our hands is more than enough.
  • It is a safe game. The field of play can be grass or sand, so throwing yourself on the ground to reach the shot does not pose a greater risk. In addition, in principle, spikeball is not a contact game, so colliding strongly with other players is not so common.
  • As in other disciplines, it is healthy. We could say that it is almost obvious, but sometimes we even forget. Spikeball is a perfect physical activity for coordination and agility. In addition, it fosters good relationships with our colleagues, whether they are friends or family.

Spikeball has become very popular in the United States, where there are more than 250,000 players and nearly 1,000 federated teams. It is already beginning to be known in Spain, although not to those dimensions. Those in charge of bringing it to our country in 2016 were Natalia Vime and Marte Torre, who created Rounet Spain, an association that aims to promote this sport in Spain. As they say on their website, spikeball or roundnet ” is a sport born from a clear philosophy: you decide where you decide how.”

Spikeball Rules

The beach game with ball and net, like other sports, has a series of guidelines that must be followed so that each match can carry out in the best way. Some of the basic spikeball rules are:

  • The teams must get into their positions, facing each other.
  • The side on which the teams will be placed must decide by drawing lots. The winning group can choose between taking out or where it will set.
  • The ball must be inflated to reach a diameter of 12 inches or 30.5 cm.
  • The net must have a homogeneous tension so that the ball can bounce off it quickly.
  • Each of the players, except the one who will receive the service, must be placed at a distance of 6 feet or 1.8 meters from the net.
  • After the first serve, the players can move to any place.
  • Both teams have up to 3 touches of possession on the ball.
  • The serve must alternate between one team and another.
  • Every 5 points, the players must rotate to the right to have the same weather conditions throughout the game.
  • Games often have a minimum of 11 points and a maximum of 21 points per game.
  • The winning team must have at least 2 points over their opponent.

How do you score a point in spikeball?

In spikeball, points are scored when:

  • The ball hits the ground.
  • In three touches, the other team fails to return the ball to the net.
  • The ball repeatedly bounces over the net.
  • The ball rolls over the net.

Fouls in spikeball

During the development of a game of spikeball, a fault occurs when:

A player obstructs the play of the opposing team.

If the ball makes contact with a player of the opposing team on the way to the net, seeing the trajectory interrupted.

In both cases, the move must repeat.

What does a spikeball set include?

A spikeball set is a kit made up of the ring and the legs that hold it, as well as the net. Also, it usually includes the balls used for this game.

What does a spikeball set include

It is usually possible to find cheap spikeball kits. However, there are some with higher prices, called “pro” by the official brand of this sport.

How to adjust the spikeball net?

The success of the game and the performance of each team depends mainly on the tension that the network has.

Therefore, the perfect way to adjust the net is to change it until you get enough tension to bounce the ball. However, it should also be a bit soft so that you don’t throw the ball too hard.

That is why the ideal tension would launch the ball about 30 cm into the air when thrown from a height of 1 meter.

How to inflate the spikeball?

It is recommended to inflate the spikeball until it is semi-hard. Since if it is too swollen, it will be difficult to control it, while if it is deflated, it will not bounce enough.

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