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TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs In The World

TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs In The World

As a rule of thumb, you wouldn’t want to come across a dinosaur in your path, but the fact remains that some species were much more dangerous than others. You will discover ten types of dinosaurs that could very quickly turn you into lunch (plus one as a bonus). πŸ₯©

The main “bad guy” in Jurassic World is the genetically engineered Indominus Rex, which is a terrifying dinosaur. But these dinosaurs are even scarier because they did exist.

The most dangerous dinosaur was the Giganotosaurus. Able to defeat a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this predator weighed up to 10 tons. He was one of the few carnivores capable of achieving this feat. Now let’s take a look at each of these dangerous reptiles.


10) The Sinosauropteryx

9) Liopleurodon

8) The Ankylosaurus

7) The Sarcosuchus

6) The Allosaurus

5) The Troodon

4) The Kronosaurus

3) The Spinosaurus

2) The Velociraptor

1) The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex

Let’s travel back in time and talk about some of the most dangerous animals that roamed the planet before extinction: dinosaurs. Admittedly, it is a real blessing that they have disappeared; otherwise, the human being would indeed not have survived and would probably have been considered as prey of choice. This particular list will describe the ten most dangerous dinosaurs in the world to you. At the end of this reading, one conclusion will be obvious: you would not have liked to meet these predators! We hope you like this top 10. Good reading!

The Sinosauropteryx

This dinosaur, whose name means “Reptile of China,” was the first dinosaur not included in the Avialae  – which are dinosaurs with musculature allowing them to fly – to have wings. It is covered in fur and has a long tail and short front legs. This bipedal dinosaur is also a close relative of the Compsognathus (a genus of small carnivorous dinosaurs), which belong to the Compsognathidae family.

Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World
Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

The Sinosauropteryx lived in northeastern China in the Cretaceous Period and was one of the first dinosaurs discovered in Liaoning province. More specifically, the Yixian Formation, a geological formation in this region. Many aspects of their biology are illustrated using exceptionally well-preserved fossils.


This carnivorous marine reptile belongs to the Pilosauroidea family. Its name means “Smooth Teeth.” The Liopleurodon lived during the Upper Jurassic period and could grow up to 6.4 meters tall. Its size has often been exaggerated because it was often confused with a Pliosaur, another aquatic reptile species more like crocodiles.

Most of its fossils have been found in England and France, and Liopleurodon is one of the species known to have also existed in Russia after discovering some remains. Paleontologists agree that this dinosaur is a very powerful swimmer thanks to its four fins. A study shows in particular that its anatomical structure offers excellent acceleration and a high top speed.

The Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus means “Rigid Lizard.” They belong to the Ankylosauridae family and are a kind of armored dinosaur with a club-shaped tail. It could reach a length of about nine meters and weigh over 6 tons. Fossils suggest it was alive during the Cretaceous Period in western North America.

A complete skeleton of these species has not yet been discovered so the illustrations might be inaccurate, but at least it gives an idea. This dinosaur was heavily armored, which helped it defend itself and attack at the same time.

The Sarcosuchus

The Sarcosuchus Its name means ‘Crocodile of Flesh.’ They turn out to be very distant relatives of crocodiles that would have lived around 112 million years ago. They are perhaps the most giant crocodiles to have ever lived whose fossils have been found in Africa.

It belongs to the Pholidosauridae family. To compare, the Sarcosuchus would have been as long as a bus more than 12 meters, and its weight could exceed 8 tons. Just the size of his skull was the size of a grown man; one bite, and you’re gone.

The Allosaurus

It lived about 155 million years ago, from the Upper Jurassic to the Lower Cretaceous. The name means “Different Lizard.” The Allosaur is classified as a reptile and belongs to the Allosauridae family. He is said to have had a large skull with several very sharp teeth and averaged about 9 meters in length.

Some studies suggest that they could reach a length of 12 meters. They had a heavy tail, which means better balance. Its weight has been estimated at around two or even 3 tonnes. If these creatures came back to life, we dare not imagine what would happen.

The Troodon

Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World
Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

It is a small, bird-like dinosaur that is said to have lived during the Late Cretaceous period. Its fossils were first discovered in 1855 in North America. Other species have been found in Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The name means “Injured Tooth.” The Troodon belongs to the Troodontidae family.

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They are said to have averaged around 2.5 meters in length and could weigh over 50 kilograms. This dinosaur was undoubtedly more diminutive, but it was very mobile and could be extremely dangerous, especially with its claws.

The Kronosaurus

Its name means ‘Lizard of Kronos.’ It was named after the Greek leader called Cronus. This dinosaur had a short neck. It is classified as Sauropsida and belongs to the Pliosauridae family. It could reach the length of 13 meters but averaged around 9 or 10 meters.

His jawline is imposing. The Kronosaurus has large teeth that exceed seven centimeters. The largest of its teeth even reached a length of 30 centimeters. Its fossils were discovered in Australia.

The Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus, whose name means “Thorny Lizard” because of its dorsal crest, was, according to researchers, the first dinosaur to adapt mainly to water: it was able to attack fish with its long, thin jaws. This dinosaur had denser bones to be more stable in the water.

It is believed to move mainly in the waterways of prehistoric North Africa than on land thanks to its short and small limbs behind it. He must also have been quite a terrestrial predator, especially when you notice his sharp teeth. Some researchers believe the Spinosaurus was using its crest as a final warning before the attack.

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The Velociraptor

We are sure you remember the Velociraptor from the very famous movie “Jurassic Park.” Moreover, this film gives an excellent overview of the dangerousness of the beast and the nuisance it can cause. His name means “Fast Thief,” He lived over 70 million years ago towards the end of the Cretaceous Period. Their fossils have been found in China and Mongolia. The Velociraptor belongs to the Dromaeosauridae family.

The Velociraptor
Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

This dinosaur is not very massive compared to its congeners. Indeed it could weigh between 15 and 20 kg for a height of 75 cm. While they may appear potentially harmless given their size and weight, they usually attack in herds, and this is where the problem begins as they are swift. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs In The World

TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs In The World

10 Diplodocus: a formidable whip

It would help if you indeed told yourself that the Diplodocus has no place among the most dangerous dinosaurs in the world. The Diplodocus, that sweet, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur from the end of the Jurassic? Well, the point is, this 30-meter-long sauropod had a slender tail of over 6 meters that (according to some paleontologists) could crack like a whip, at hypersonic speeds, to keep out predators such as the Allosaurus from a distance. πŸ¦•

Sure, the Diplodocus (not to mention the contemporary Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus) could crush enemies with a well-placed kick, but it’s a much less cinematic storyline. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs in The World

9. Velociraptor: a Deadly Claw

Made famous by Jurassic Park, the Velociraptors were smaller and slower in real life than in the movie, but they still had a giant, pointed, hook-shaped claw on their second finger. Modern research suggests that this claw is used to prevent its victims from escaping their grip. πŸͺ

The name means “quick thief,” and it is said that they lived over 75 to 71 million years ago. They were part of the late Cretaceous period. Their fossils have been found in China and Mongolia. 

They are classified as reptiles and belong to the Dromaeosauridae family. They could weigh between 15 and 20 kilograms and measure up to 2 meters in length. Although they might appear potentially harmless given their size and weight, they usually attacked herds. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs in The World

8. Mapusaurus Roseae: A Merciless Pack

This vast, carnivorous dinosaur reached a length of over 30 feet, and paleontologists have found direct evidence that this fierce predator hunted in flocks.

He lived in the territories of present-day South America at the beginning of the Upper Cretaceous. Many characteristics make it close to Giganotosaurus. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs in The World

7. Coelophysis: Lethal Teeth

Don’t be fooled by the size. Although the Coelophysis weighed only about 20 kilograms, fossil evidence shows that it hunted in packs. He was also very agile and could boast of having sharp, blade-like teeth. πŸ”ͺ

Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World
Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

He lived in the southern United States and southern Africa at the end of the Upper Triassic.

6. Allosaurus: A Reckless Biter

One of the most dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs of the Jurassic, the Allosaurus was an ambitious and formidable predator. Paleontologists have found fossils of many other dinosaur species, such as the Stegosaurus, riddled with Allosaurus bite marks.

It can be dangerous to speculate on the number of individuals existing at any given time for a given genus of dinosaurs based solely on fossil evidence. But if we agree to take that imaginative leap, then the Allosaurus was a much more lethal predator than the Tyrannosaurus rex. πŸ¦–

Numerous specimens of this fierce, strong-jawed, three-ton meat-eater have been found in the western United States. As deadly as he was, the Allosaurus was not very smart. For example, a group of adults perished in a single quarry in Utah, mired in deep mud as they drooled over already trapped and struggling prey. TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

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5. Ankylosaurus: a Giant Club

Ankylosaurus: This herbivore might not look deadly because it was a plant-eater, but this chubby, armored-tailed dinosaur potentially used this tool as a defense mechanism. If he swung his heavy tail, he could generate enough force to crush bones. 🦴

The armored dinosaur Ankylosaurus was a close relative of the Stegosaurus. These dinosaurs repelled their enemies in the same way. While the Stegosaurus had four bony pikes at the end of the tail, the Ankylosaurus was equipped with a giant 45-kilogram club, the Late Cretaceous equivalent of a medieval mace.

A well-aimed swing could easily break the hind leg of a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex or even break a few teeth, although one imagines that it could have been used in fights between Ankylosaurs during the breeding season as well. βš”οΈ

4. Majungasaurus: a Cannibal

One of the few known cannibalistic dinosaurs, the Majungasaus, had a different skull than most other theropods. Its short, sturdy muzzle allowed it to kill its prey by biting and holding them until they died (much like modern felines). πŸ†

Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World
Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

The discovery of ancient Majungasaurus bones with tooth marks is a good indication that these one-ton theropods attacked others of their species (stalking them when they were starving and possibly even feeding on their remains. if they found them dead). However, it appears that this predator spent most of its time terrifying Africa’s smaller, herbivorous dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous.

3. Spinosaurus: A Sneaky Swimmer

Recent research has shown that Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus is quite possibly the largest carnivorous dinosaur species that has ever lived, measuring over 15 meters in length. You wouldn’t even be safe in the water! The Spinosaurus is one of the few dinosaurs known to be able to swim.

This 10-ton predator spent its days in and around rivers, wedging fish between its massive, crocodile-like jaws and sometimes surfacing like a shark to terrorize small terrestrial dinosaurs. Spinosaurus teeth were tapered, straight, and without serrations. He may even have occasionally fought with the crocodile of comparable size: the Sarcosuchus, aka the “SuperCroc,” certainly one of the epic encounters of the Middle Cretaceous period. 🐊 TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

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2. Tyrannosaurus rex: Wicked Dinosaur par Excellence

The Tyrannosaurus, also known as the T-Rex, is the dinosaur that we have chosen to put at the top of our ranking and that we consider to be the most dangerous. Its name means “King of the Tyrant Lizards.” Fossils suggest that this dinosaur lived in western North America around 67 million years ago.

It belongs to the Tyrannosauridae family. Its size could reach 5 meters for a length of 13 m. And its weight must have been around 6 tons. The T-Rex has short arms and a long tail. According to some researchers, the T-Rex would have had a top speed of 40 km / h. Even Usain Bolt would have had a hard time sowing him!

The “King of Tyrant Lizards” will always be one of the scariest and deadliest dinosaurs. It had a bite force three times that of a great white shark, making it the most vital bite force of any land animal that has ever lived.

We will never know if the Tyrannosaurus rex was particularly fiercer or more frightening than other less famous tyrannosaurs like the Albertosaurus or the Alioramus, or even if it hunted live prey or spent most of its time eating carcasses already dead. πŸ–

Regardless, there is no doubt that T. rex was a fully functioning killing machine when the circumstances demanded it, given its five to eight-ton bulk, keen eyesight, and huge dotted head. many sharp teeth. (Admittedly, though, her tiny arms made her look a bit comical.)

1. Giganotosaurus: A Threatening Destroyer

During the Cretaceous Period in South America, dinosaurs encountered more ferocious and more significant than their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Most Dangerous Dinosaur in The World

The Giganotosaurus, an eight to ten-ton three-toed predator whose remains were found near the Argentinosaurus, is one of the enormous dinosaurs to ever walk on Earth. πŸ¦•

The inescapable conclusion:Β The Giganotosaurus was one of the few theropods capable of destroying an adult titanosaur (or, at least, a juvenile). TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs in The World

Bonus: Liopleurodon

Its name means “smooth teeth.” Liopleurodons were carnivorous marine reptiles. They belong to the Pilosauroidea family. They lived during the Middle Jurassic Period and could reach an enormous length of 25 meters. πŸ‹

Their fossils were primarily found in England and France, and one of the species is known to have existed somewhere in Russia. They had four strong limbs indicating that they were mighty swimmers. A study shows that this structure offered excellent acceleration, even a breakneck top speed.

TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs In The World

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