Silk pillowcase for hair

Silk pillowcase for hair: This silk pillow is all you need to have the hair you want so much. Everything the silk pillow can do for your hair and where you can get yours.

You go to sleep with the perfect hair and, oh, surprise! The following day you wake up with a tangle in your head. Where were your perfectly defined waves? We tell you, in your pillowcase and in the friction it causes.

The solution to take care of your hair and hairstyle is in a pillowcase; yes, while you sleep, your hair is taken care of and your skin, avoiding the annoying wrinkles of sleep. What are we talking about? The sleeve silk pillow, specifically the signing Alaska Bear, which everyone is talking about, and you can get on Amazon.

This natural silk pillowcase is made of 100% mulberry silk fibres, which means that it is super soft and very breathable, so forget about greasy hair because you will have it clean for longer, and you can space the washes. But why silk and not some other material? This fabric avoids the constant friction of the hair fibres and does not absorb moisture like cotton does, for example.

Silk pillowcase for hair in 2022

Make every night a most innovative experience with this pillowcase while taking care of your skin and hair. Another of its advantages is that they are accessible to wash in cold water and do not drain it to preserve its softness.

Many of the people who have used it say that they also take it on a trip, you will no longer know how to sleep in a normal one! You will not want anything else when you try the softness and its ‘beauty’ effects.

Now that you’ve discovered that they exist and you need them, do you have to change all the bedding? No, don’t worry, they come in many colours to match the sheets you already have and, if you are looking for a fun touch, you can also find them in a printed cushion format, you know, in case the nap is on the sofa.

Silk pillowcase for hair: Know the benefits of using it every day

Having a silk pillowcase, in the first instance, may sound presumptuous. However, those who have decided to include one in their lives can assure only one thing: it is no longer possible to live without it due to the many benefits that it can bring for hair and skin.

Not for nothing, beauty junkies like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have decided to include it as one more element of their beauty routine, in addition, Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, is one of the central defenders of the use of silk pillows to care the hair. If you are oblivious to the properties that silk has and with which it can benefit you during your hours of sleep, here we tell you why you should cover your pillow with a protector of this material as soon as possible. 

What are the properties of silk?

The silk is composed of natural fibre protein and amino acids. Of its content, the sericin protein stands out, a component that is characterized by its affinity with other proteins that humans produce, which is why it acts as a protective film for the skin and hair when used in a sheath of the pillow, or other high -quality sleep objects like sleep masks.

What are the skin benefits of a silk pillowcase?

A study conducted by Wake Forest University on participants with acne problems revealed that those who tried a silk pillow showed fewer breakouts on their faces. In an interview, Dr Yoram Harm, a dermatologist and director of the MDacne clinic, said that silk is a much gentler material for people with sensitive skin.

Likewise, the specialist mentioned that a silk pillowcase absorbs fewer impurities and greasy elements from your face than a cotton cover or some other material, so your skin can remain much cleaner. At the same time, you rest it on your pillow.

What are the hair benefits of a silk pillowcase?

Your hair can also benefit from sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The sericin mentioned above is the main responsible for this benefit since one of the proteins in our body with which it is compatible is keratin, which is why it naturally promotes the hair’s hydration.

On the other hand, the dermatologist, Laura Dyer, specialist from the Dr Amy Wechsler clinic, confirmed that silk preserves hydration in the hair in another interview. In addition, thanks to the fact that it generates less friction with the hair and skin, it helps to avoid breaking the strands of your hair.

What considerations should you take to buy a silk pillowcase?

If you are going to invest in this sleeping utensil, you must invest in quality and 100% silk, since other options. However, they are usually cheaper, have combinations with polyester and other fabrics that, in the long run, they will not take the desired effect of sleeve silk pillow.

The piece you need to avoid wrinkles while you sleep

It is well known that while we sleep, the body recovers energy, and the skin regenerates. Even sleeping well can help you improve any health problem, and of course, it also removes stress. That is why doctors always recommend sleeping at least eight hours a day. In addition to health benefits, resting is also great for your skin.

We know that people have difficulty falling asleep, and experts recommend practising meditation just before going to sleep. It helps you relax and calm your mind. Now, if you are interested in helping your skin restore itself while you sleep, it is good that you use a serum or a moisturizer that contains more powerful ingredients than those of the creams that you use during the day.

Another thing that also has incredible benefits for both skin and hair is using a silk pillowcase. It is ideal to avoid wrinkles and improve the ones you already have. It also helps prevent hair breakage while you sleep much more relaxed. Silk is a natural fibre made up of proteins and amino acids, so when you use a 100% silk pillowcase, you are providing one more benefit to your skin and hair.

Silk pillowcase for hair in 2022

If you wake up in the morning with curly hair and red and irritated skin, it may not be your DNA to blame. Not even the excellent use you make of your reference cosmetics. Have you ever thought that bad hair days, those bare skin, are caused by the cotton fabric of your pillowcase? Yes, there are details that matter, especially when you will spend (hopefully) eight hours a day, throughout your life, glued to that material. Maybe it’s time to go silk, with all these advantages.

These covers can be considered a luxury for their price, but if you think of all the benefits you will have in return, you will soon feel that you have amortized what they are worth in well-being. You can find them in navy blue to bright gold; they have well-finished seams, delicately made. In addition, they fit perfectly on the pillow and maintain a fresh feeling while gently caressing hair and skin while you sleep.

The most affordable cover: Spasilk 100% silk

You can find this silk pillowcase on Amazon, and it has more than 2,000 four-star reviews from customers who love it for its ease of washing, softness and the benefits it has for the hair. There are 11 different colours available, but please note that the actual colour of the case may be slightly different from what appears on your screen. 

Best Silk: Mulberry Silk

This cover is made of silk by the exclusive Mulberry firm; it provides more softness and lightness than other qualities.  In addition, one of its benefits is that it is hypoallergenic and does not accumulate dust mites. You can find it in various metallic colours and two different sizes.

The best-patterned cover

Who can resist a patterned silk cover (aside from the many benefits)? Chrissy Teigen, Kim and Khloé Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen are just a few of the celebrities who love these covers as much as we do, and have even touted their benefits. Also, silk covers are easier to maintain and last longer than cotton ones.

The best satin cover

Satin refers to fabric made from manufactured fibres such as polyester, designed to mimic silk. Natural silk is a product created by silkworms, so satin pillowcases are a great way to reap the benefits of silk while maintaining a vegan lifestyle. Not only is it made without silkworms, but it is also available at a lower price.

A good set of silk bedding can give your room that elegant touch that you like so much. But what you don’t know is that, in addition, it can save you a lot of euros on cosmetic products, even if they are the best sellers on Amazon.

And is that silk covers have significant benefits for the care and health of your hair and skin, so it is best to change your classic cotton cover for a silk one to become a natural sleeping beauty inside and out of it.


Although your current pillowcase may seem soft to the touch, the friction created at night when you sleep can be harmful to the hair follicle, causing frizz and less shine.

“Cotton is a material designed to absorb moisture, and that’s what it will do with your hair,” says stylist Ali Batista. “Hairstyles that lack moisture tend to appear frizzy, lifeless, and more prone to static electricity. Silk is a material that allows hair to glide more smoothly so that it breaks less and prevents it from falling out.”


Your complexion can also benefit from the benefits of a silk pillowcase, especially if your skin is sensitive. Bear in mind that, depending on the material or dyes used in the fabric, your cotton pillowcase can cause irritation and redness.

Silk is entirely natural (and hypoallergenic), so it is not aggressive on the skin, and there is less chance that you will wake up with marks on your cheek. And just like hair, it helps keep skin hydrated, as silk won’t sequester your skin’s natural moisture. In addition, the material breathes much better than others, which means that those hours at night tossing and turning in bed looking for the best temperature are going to end.

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Silk pillowcase for hair


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