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Rug and Carpet Repair in Montreal

Rug and Carpet Repair in Montreal

Rug and Carpet Repair in Montreal

Depending on what area of ​​the country you live in, your carpet may prefer over hardwood, tile, laminate, etc. The carpet cost ranges from cheap or affordable to expensive or even ridiculous. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a residential and commercial carpet, you’re unlikely to replace it without thinking twice.

However, unlike hard flooring, carpet stains and (seemingly) irreparable damage can and does occur more quickly. Is it possible to replace the carpet in a room or an entire house when this happens?

Peeled areas, burns, tears, stains, and other miscellaneous issues can make your carpet less attractive.

In the worst case, there is a danger of tripping dangerously present due to a loose or hanging carpet. Before you replace all that expensive carpet, stop! Sometimes problematic areas can repair or restored, whether it’s a one-room carpet, a small apartment, or a large house. We may be able to save your carpet and make it look new.

Repair of all types of carpet:

  • carpet repair and carpet burns
  • The carpet tears
  • carpet stretch

Our team can deal with permanent stains, creases, and ripples, open or frayed seams, torn or missing threads or tufts, as well as discolorations. Most carpet repairs can do quickly and affordably. Thanks to our training and more than ten years of experience, we can accurately assess the damage you have suffered. We can then advise you on the best course of action.

Burns and holes in the carpet

Holes and burns may require removal and repair of the damaged area with a replacement part. If you have leftovers from the original installation, we can use them to form a perfectly matched part. If you don’t have any bits, we can take a small piece from a hidden location, like the back corner of a cupboard.

By carefully matching the direction of the pile and restoring the natural look of the fibers, we will ensure that your carpet repair is transparent and undetectable. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our repairs.


Folds or ripples can quickly repair. Uneven wear and permanent damage to the media can result from uncorrected wrinkling. You should have these problems fixed immediately to prevent further damage. Correct stretching of the carpet requires special tools and training.

We follow established procedures to stretch your facility in all directions effectively. Experts in this field recommend this method, and we believe that it gives the best results in the long term. We guarantee all our stretching work.

Tears in the carpet

Rips and fraying seams should address immediately. When a seam is separated or the backing is torn, the fibers can quickly start. Our cleaning services and method of cleaning rugs and rugs will prevent rips and fraying from spreading and will not leave any traces of damage.

We make sure that all edges are always adequately anchored and secured for all our work.


If stains are a problem, we have treatment options that may be safer and more effective than regular household products. We can completely eradicate most stains without damaging your carpet.

Friends, we have used our years of experience to develop our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning formula. We will give you a demonstration and leave a sample for you when we work at your place.

Are you looking for a Carpet repair specialist in Greater Montreal?

Your carpet has seen better days, and you would like to see that same beautiful area rug you had before?

Please take advantage of our rug repair service.

Whatever the damage: by vacuum cleaner, by your pets, or quite simply by normal wear and tear of recent times, our specialists can regenerate it with our skills to repair damaged fringes and edges in our repair workshop equipped with any area rug.

Protect and maintain your Persian or Oriental rugs and carpet

Our team of experts offers professional services to maintain your rugs and rugs. We clean and repair Persian or Oriental rugs and carpets, restoring them to their original look and keeping them looking great for years to come.

Persian and Oriental rugs are renowned worldwide for their quality and durability. However, inevitably, the wear and tear of time often improve their appearance. Their restoration may require several steps depending on the damage suffered. It can consist of the reconstruction by our experts of the damaged areas by using quality fibers identical to those of your carpet to regain its original shine. Also, the edges and the fringes of the carpets can, if necessary, be replaced or reinforced.

Once restored, we recommend that you follow these tips to keep your rugs looking like they used to be:

  • Use a quality carpet pad to limit premature wear and tear on your carpet.
  • Vacuum a minimum of twice a month or more as needed.
  • If you pour a liquid, absorb it as much as possible with a clean cloth, and then clean your carpet with mild soap and cold water.
  • Turn the carpet over at least once a year to limit irregular wear from the passage.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to use a disinfectant treatment.

Carpet repair: one of our many skills

A rug is truly a decoration object since it offers warmth and a unique allure to your room. However, due to its use and the frequent passages it has to withstand, it is also an object subject to wear and whose appearance fades over time. Unsightly tears can also appear, which, combined with general wear and tear (a passage, vacuum cleaner, pets, etc.), cause your precious carpet to lose its charm and shine.

Take action before it’s too late and your carpet is no longer repairable. Give its former panache back by calling on our carpet repair and restoration services.

How to Install Exterior doors or a Pre-assembled Door

Repairing a carpet using patches or inserts:

Finding Scraps of Leftovers: The job is always made more accessible by finding old scraps or pieces left behind after the initial carpet laying. If you’ve thought ahead and kept a bit, you’re in luck, and it will be hard to tell if your carpet has been replaced or repaired. If you don’t have any leftovers by chance, it is possible to cut the carpet at the back of a cupboard or under a large piece of furniture that will not be moved in the future and make the repair.

Cutting Repair Parts: It is essential to use the correct material to cut out the parts using a professional carpet knife to ensure that the outline is well defined. After the system is traced and cut out, the remaining piece can be placed in the damaged area and installed with the appropriate adhesive to complete the process.

Pile Direction: Simple details like the direction of the carpet pile on the patch patches and your room rug should line up perfectly. Believe it or not, this simple detail can make an identical carpet look completely different in color!

Inserting Carpet Tape: The process itself is not entirely straightforward. You need to ensure that the tape is stuck well for lasting results. The tap is cut to length and applied to the back of the existing carpet.

Replacement of the damaged part: Once the adhesive tape is in place, the tap’s amount should be carefully placed. The matted web’s direction should evaluate by matching the two pieces’ directions. After placing the replacement part, pressure is applied to the area to repair to ensure that it fits properly. Too much stress can crush the carpet fibers, but steady pressure will fix it well.

Carpet repair: one of our many skills
Carpet repair: one of our many skills

Our solutions so that your rugs and carpet regain their shine

We offer several solutions to repair or rejuvenate your rugs and rugs:

Repair of tears and holes

These are the most common damage to rugs. Holes can cause by normal wear and tear, pets, moths, marks on chairs, burns, shoe heels, etc. Our solution? We rebuild your carpet by restoring the weft or using canvas for an impeccable result! You won’t even realize the area rug has rebuild!

Breakpoint design

To limit the unraveling of your carpet, we sew bar stops. It is the best method to determine your carpet’s fraying and stop the damage.

Repair of carpet fringes

The fringes, designed from the carpet’s weft, have a good chance of unraveling over time. Our experts will give your carpet new life by creating tie-offs and new fringes for a magnificent finish that will give your area rug a new shine.

Repair and reinforcement of edges and hems

The edges and edges of a carpet are areas that get damaged quickly. Therefore, we consolidate or repair them so that the edges of your carpet stop unraveling. It is a method that allows you to put your rug as new and resize it naturally and discreetly.

Lining and reinforcement of your rugs and rugs

To strengthen your carpet and prevent it from warping, we install a cotton lining under the carpet.

Restoration of the different colors of your old rugs

Inevitably, the colors of a carpet will fade and tarnish due to too much exposure to moonlight or sunlight. Thus, we offer you natural dyeing methods so that your carpet regains its beautiful colors of yesteryear.

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Rug and Carpet Repair in Montreal

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