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Restube lifeguard: the best security system

Restube lifeguard: the best security system

Restube lifeguard: the best security system

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drowning is among the leading causes of death in the world. And it is that every year it is estimated that 372,000 people die by drowning in lakes, pools, or wells. They are usually under 25 years of age since half of the victims are children between 1 and 4.

For this reason, buying a Restube life preserver is one of the best investments since the device offers the best protection for children and adults in the water. In such a way that they can fully enjoy water sports or swimming. Next, you will learn more about the advantages of this security system.


  1. Advantages of Restube life preservers compared to other safety systems
    • More advantage of Restube lifeguard
  2. Restube lifeguard: features and technical details
  3.  Restube Lifeguard Life Buoy – Open Water Buoyancy Aid for Lifeguards and Other Rescue Professionals – One Pull Inflation Device with Lock and Drag System
    • Dimensions
    • Materials
    • Special features
      • reusable
      • inflatable ways
    • Recommended age of use
    • Technical details
  4. Get the latest offers from Restube lifeguards
  5.  Restube Beach Swim Buoy, Unisex Adult, Jet Black, Small
Bestseller No. 1
Restube Extreme Wild Swimming Safety Buoy for Use in Rough Conditions...
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Bestseller No. 2
Restube Extreme Wild Swimming Safety Buoy for Use in Rough Conditions...
  • EMBRACE THE MOMENT: Feel free and ready to give...
  • SUPER-FAST INFLATION: Explore the limits of sports...
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Get spotted easily in open water...
  • UNINTRUDING SAFETY ACCESSORY: Kite surfing, wind...
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Kemp USA 50" Rescue Tube with GUARD logo for Lifeguards
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SaleBestseller No. 8
Kemp 10-202-Red RescueTube with Guard Logo & RSC Logo, 40 in.
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Onyx Unisex Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD)
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SaleBestseller No. 10
Airhead 10001-00-A-WT White Utility Float Cushion
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  • 15" long, 15" wide, 3" height

Advantages of Restube lifeguard compared to other safety systems.

Buying a life jacket is the most recommended to enjoy the water. Since these keep the person afloat, preventing drowning. 

However, Restube life jackets are currently the best safety systems globally since they were developed by excellent water sportsmen and professional lifeguards with an excellent track record.

Restube is an ideal security system for any activity that involves water, which is hooked on the swimsuit, suit and can even be placed on the wrist, as it is small and light.

As it is a pocket device, it can be used by children, young people, and adults. By buying Restube life jackets, you will not only save your life, but you will also enjoy many advantages. One of them is its ease of use. In this way, cases of accidents or danger can control in a thousandth of seconds.

The first step to use it is to pull the actuator, which has a cartridge implementation that makes the Restube inflate quickly. Instantly you will have afloat, and you have to hold on to it since it will always keep you on the surface while you return to shore or wait for help.

More advantage of Restube lifeguard

It even has a whistle to use if you need the help of a lifeguard. For athletes, it is especially beneficial since it is an excellent security system that allows them to practice Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wing Foil, and other sports. 

In this way, if the athlete loses his balance or gets caught in a current, it will not be a severe problem since he will have freedom in the water. In addition, as it is a pocket device during storms or high waves, the equipment will not be lost.

Buying Restube life preservers is also beneficial for rescuers. Because it is a very versatile security system that allows them to have more freedom of movement and adequate buoyancy, in this way, they react very quickly, allowing total concentration.

By buying life jackets, you will have the confidence to be the best at what you do because you will control accidents quickly.


Initially, the Restube concept was born from a misadventure of its (future) founder, who experienced a critical situation in the water a few years ago—noting that safety equipment existed in quantity but was rarely worn because very often cumbersome and unpleasant in SUP or kitesurfing. The RESTUBE team proposed a solution to further secure the practice of water sports by designing a  system to help the smallest and lightest possible onboard buoyancy, activating in seconds.

Over the years, Restube has become a German company specializing in designing and manufacturing personal buoyancy aid systems for nautical activities. It exports its products worldwide and develops its new safety systems in Germany with the collaboration of rescuers at sea.

The flagship products of their range are inflatable lifebuoys worn on the belt.

Restube lifeguard: features and technical details

Restube lifeguard: the best security system

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Restube Beach Swim Buoy, Unisex Adult, Jet Black, Small

  • Enjoy the water with peace of mind: restube beach is an innovative, compact, and versatile accessory for various water activities. It is an option for adults and children ten years and older who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, and more.
  • To keep us all safe: you may be in tune with your surroundings, but others may not be. The open water swim buoy float can act as a visual aid for swimmers, boaters, and everyone around them. You can wave the long yellow buoy to get the attention of others, give it to someone nearby, or take a quick break when you need it.
  • The restube for family beach days: The beach restube is smaller than other restube models – it has a buoyancy of 50N/5kg, which is optimal for one person in swimwear and flatwater conditions. Suitable for all body types, this unique and instantly inflatable lifesaver float will comfortably keep your head above the water.
  • DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT – This inflatable life jacket is lightweight (190g) and fits comfortably around your waist. It can be quickly inflated by pulling a string or manually with your mouth. The swim belt is also reusable.
  • Made with the highest quality materials: this survival buoy float was developed and designed in Germany. It’s made from durable, sustainable nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu), ensuring it will hold up for years to come.

There are many features of this innovative product. Among the most prominent are the following:


It is small, robust, and light to always have it at hand, with dimensions of 22 x 10.5 x 5 cm and 240 grams. Just one pull of the cartridge, and the buoy will fill in seconds. 


It has been manufactured with high quality and very durable materials, such as Nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Special features

When you buy Restube life jackets, you will enjoy its unique features, which are:


The cartridges can replace; once the new CO2 cartridge is screwed in, it will be used again.

inflatable ways

In addition to inflating when the cartridge is pulled, it also has a mouth valve that allows it to be raised or deflated. 

Recommended age of use

Restube can be used from 10 years of age onwards.

Technical details

  • It has a safety retainer that prevents accidental opening.
  • The strap system is interchangeable.
  • It is one size.
  • Buoyancy when inflated: 70 N.

Get the latest offers from Restube lifeguard.

Do not stay without buying Restube life jackets so that you can enjoy the water to the fullest. However, other security systems will help you stay safe, such as Restube Classic, Restube for Sports, Restube for Swimming, among others.

Remember the importance of boating safety and help reduce global drowning statistics by purchasing life jackets. Enjoy your favourite activity, leisure, family time, sports competition, or professional rescue, but use the best life jacket of all, the Restube.

Restube is essential for more safety and freedom on the water. The Restube is an inflatable buoy with a screw-in CO2 cartridge. Folded and packed in a small bag. The bag can quickly wear around the waist. Pull the trigger, and the buoy inflates in seconds. As the Restube is connected to the bag and your body, you can pull it towards you after release.

Now you have time. After use, empty the Restube and dry the buoy, replace the cartridge and repackage as described on the buoy. Restube basic: discreet and straightforward design, but with total security. It is stored in a small and practical bag and is easy to carry on the waist. Suitable for divers, canoeists, sailors, or cruisers.


We recommend ordering a few replacement cartridges right away for backup and testing.

The Restube buoy is an individual buoyancy aid device.

But more concretely, it is possible to practice nautical activities more serenely in complete freedom! This device is so light & compact in its bag that you will forget you are wearing it on your belt!


Additional safety tools for water sports & activities: Swimming, snorkelling, sailing, canoeing, fishing (on foot or at sea), triathlon, stand-up paddle, kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, drone, lifeguard. As many possible uses that allow the user to feel more secure.


individual buoyancy aid kit designed in Germany, which contains a fluorescent inflatable buoy

Lightweight (approximately 200g) & compact kit, supplied with a belt to be attached at waist level

In the event of a problem, pull the trigger so that the buoy inflates automatically (CO2 cartridge provided in the kit)

The buoy serves as floating support to keep the head above water, can be waved to attract attention, and above all, brings serenity to its users.

 Restube is not a lifejacket according to the European standard but only constitutes a buoyancy aid device.



  • Water activities
  • Leisure & family
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Buoyancy: 50N


  • Water sports, swimming
  •  Leisure & sport
  • Weight: 195 g
  • Buoyancy: 75N


  • Water sports
  • Sport & competition
  • Weight: 255 g
  • Buoyancy: 75N

PFD (certified)

  • Water sports
  • Sport & competition
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Buoyancy: 100N


The Restube consists of an inflatable float with a volume of 7 litres, inflated using a built-in CO2 cartridge. In an emergency, pull the trigger, and the float will fill in seconds, giving you a lifeline to hang on to.


  • You can fix it horizontally with the 25mm hip belt
  • An original Restube replacement CO2 cartridge is already installed
  • one size
  • Buoyancy when inflated: 75N
  • Alternatively, inflatable by mouth
  • Bag dimensions: 14x7x5cm
  • Weight (including cartridge): 270g
  • Connection line from the buoy to the bag 50cm


  • Ready to wear Restube essential with 25mm stitched belt
  • Handbook
  • Quick start guide
  • Without personal protective equipment (PSA)
  • Transportable by plane (maximum one Restube + 2 spare cartridges per passenger)
  • Other dates
  • Not personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • A life jacket cannot be replaced

Restube lifeguard: the best security system

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