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Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

One day in the Bay of Alicante, where I usually row, I saw the beautiful image of a pregnant woman paddle surfing. I thought it was beautiful, but a doubt arose. Is it safe to paddle while pregnant? If it is a person who is not from your family or her family.

Stand-up paddle surfing is excellent for core strength, balance, and mobility in general, making it a superb way of exercising during your pregnancy. It’s worth remembering, though, that your balance and center of balance changes explicitly during pregnancy too. Be aware of this and continue as you feel comfortable.


  • Can pregnant women SUP?
  • Paddle surfing intensity during pregnancy
    • Paddle surfing technique during pregnancy
    • Pregnancy stages
    • Remember

Can pregnant women SUP?

With the vast expansion of female audience participation in world championships, more women are willing to get in the water (pregnant or not). However, a large portion of pregnant women is sure that they can. Well there are some points to consider

The first thing to consider is whether you ever do it before the pregnancy?

If you already did, there shouldn’t be any complications; there’s no reason you can’t maintain your average level of activity for as long as you feel capable. Evidence suggests that more active women have fewer problems later in life or even during childbirth.

The benefits of exercise and the feeling of well-being when we are in the water are obvious. In addition, with a safe technique, it is possible to gain muscle strength that usually becomes weak during pregnancy, which is strongly linked to problems such as pain in the pelvic girdle, back pain, and urinary incontinence.

Specific guidance warns against starting any new physical activity during pregnancy, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend starting SUP for the first time while pregnant. You may be at risk of falling, straining your muscles, or pushing yourself beyond your limit.

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Paddle surfing intensity during pregnancy

Do not push too hard with the oar in the water. You may need to slow down as the pregnancy progresses. As a general rule of thumb, a good thermometer to know if you are overdoing your activity is carrying on a conversation while rowing. If you don’t get it, you’re probably pushing too hard. When in doubt, have a brief talk with your doctor.

Paddle surfing technique during pregnancy

If you have a good technique, it will be easier to modify. Assuming you have rowed before, the effects of pregnancy will limit you. One of the modifications you will have to make is the forward lean.

Try not to lean forward as much as this will increase the use of your abdominal muscles. Pregnant women are at high risk of developing “diastasis recti” (abdominal separation) if they lean forward forcefully. Naturally, there will be an element of break and stretching that allows for the baby’s growth. But, constantly straining this region can lead to future problems in the abdominal line.

Paddle Surfing in pregnancy
Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

Although it is against most technical studies, try and keep the posture straight and keep the pelvic floor and navel rigid to maintain stability.

It is most appropriate that you paddle in calm water to access the water quickly. Please do not put yourself in difficult situations like rowing in rough seas. It is dangerous and can put you at risk. If you are paddling with a friend, ask him to carry and take care of his board.

Pregnancy stages

You will likely feel differently as your pregnancy progresses. Some women think terrible about physical activity in the first trimester, while others feel great. Indeed, you will feel more discomfort at the end of pregnancy, and the risk of injury to the abdominal wall will increase. You will be less stable on your board due to the shift in the center of gravity and less CORE muscle control.

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Paddle surfing while pregnant

One of the first questions you should ask yourself if you want to practice Paddle Surfing while pregnant is the following: Have you ever practiced SUP before being pregnant?

Suppose you have previously had some contact with this sport or are a sporty woman and passionate about SUP. We are sure that you will not have any problem, although you may, at some point, ask yourself if it is possible to practice Paddle Surfing during pregnancy, but don’t worry because here we have written this article to solve all your doubts.

Practicing Paddle Surfing while pregnant, without a doubt, will keep you fit and active throughout the gestation period.

And it is that the SUP can bring you great benefits maintaining and even improving your physical condition and much more important than this, will be the positive aspects at a mental, psychological level and good feelings for both you and your baby.

Paddle Surf for pregnant women – SUP

Today’s scientific evidence is clear: exercising and playing sports during pregnancy is positive for your health and that of your baby.

Doing Paddle Surf activities during pregnancy is a perfect option for those women who want to exercise, maintain their physical shape, and even gain strength and balance before giving birth.

As we have already explained to you in previous articles on this website, practicing SUP has multiple benefits (you can consult them in a more detailed and generalized way here).

But if what you want is to know why we recommend you practice Paddle Surfing while pregnant, take note:

Benefits of practicing Paddle Surf in pregnancy – SUP

  • Paddle Surfing is a low-impact sport in which movements are used in a very fluid and smooth way.
  • It will strengthen all your joints, including your arms and legs.
  • It will dramatically increase your balance and stability.
  • Being close to water produces a very positive feeling of well-being and relaxation in the human body.
  • It is one of the few activities and sports for pregnant women that will make you work your abdominal area correctly. The SUP for pregnant women will help you activate the middle part of your body, respecting the abdominal expansion you will suffer as you go—advancing the months of pregnancy.
  • There is plenty of evidence that if you practice paddle surfing during pregnancy, during the first months of pregnancy, you will have fewer complications in the following months and even during childbirth.
  • I am practicing Paddle Surfing while pregnant will not impede doing any of the many more specific modalities that this sport can bring you, such as SUP Yoga.

Tips for Paddle Surfing during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you have to know that during this period, there are some conditions to take into account when practicing sports such as SUP Paddle :

  • You must have some previous experience before practicing a sport like Paddle Surfing while pregnant.
  • If you practiced SUP under normal conditions without problems, there is no reason you cannot continue practicing SUP during your pregnancy.
  • To avoid the overexertion that SUP can cause you during your pregnancy period, you must take the practice calmly, being calm and relaxed, paddling gently.
  • If, during Paddle Surf in pregnancy, there comes a time when you cannot hold a conversation while you are swimming, it is an indication that you have to slow down the effort. If this happens, it is recommended that you stop; you can also kneel on your SUP board or even sit down. Breathe calmly and deeply for a couple of minutes and resume the activity when you feel ready.
  • During the pregnancy period, you may think that you have less strength or that changes in your body limit specific movements when rowing, but don’t worry, it’s completely normal. All you have to do is adapt and take it harder. Calm down.
  • One of the most important tips we can give you for Paddle Surfing while pregnant is to keep your body in an upright position while you are paddling. Do not move your upper body forward or lower your back as you lower the paddle into the water.
  • Try to have a comfortable, stable, and rigid SUP board position.
  • If you want to have better stability when rowing, we recommend activating your pelvic floor and belly area at the same time as you row. In addition, if you exercise your Core by having greater muscle control in this area, you will also achieve better and greater stability when you are standing or kneeling on your paddle surfboard.
  • Stay hydrated at all times, and don’t forget to bring a waterproof backpack or fanny pack with your belongings, documentation, and some dried fruit or snack in case you get hungry while SUPing.
  • Do not hurry; you are not competing with anyone; remember to observe the landscape. She breathes and enjoys the moment.

Types of Paddle Surfboards that you can use during pregnancy

There are many types of Paddle Surfboards that you could use while pregnant, but we recommend that you discard the Race boards and opt instead for an All-Round SUP board. They have better stability and will be worth it for any activity you want to practice once you finish your pregnancy. Gestation period. Here we leave you the characteristics that exist between all of them:

Where to practice Paddle Surf in pregnancy?

During these nine months of pregnancy that are important for you, it is best to choose quiet places for your paddle surf practices, with calm waters such as swamps or lakes, with adequate access.

Preferably they should be busy places with people and even surveillance services such as lifeguards or red cross-posts, etc. Thus, if you have any inconvenience, you will obtain rapid assistance that is appropriate to your circumstances.

Paddle Surf pregnant. Better alone or accompanied?

Preferably, it would be ideal for you to help third parties significantly to help you transport your SUP board to the water.

If you do not have any help, you can get some accessories so that the transport of your paddle surfboard (especially if you have a rigid SUP board) becomes something more bearable, such as the restraint harness to the shoulder.

How to transport a Paddle Surfboard if you are pregnant?

Regarding the transport of your Paddle Surfboard during pregnancy, inflatable SUP boards are your best option since it will be much easier for you to transport them and take up less space. In addition, when deflated, everything will fit in a backpack.

With inflatable paddle surfboards, unlike wooden paddle surfboards, you won’t need to depend on anyone for their transport, and you won’t have to worry about their weight or volume.

Tips for inflating a Paddle Surfboard during pregnancy?

As discussed in other articles on this website, manual and automatic pumps inflate a paddle surfboard

Suppose you are pregnant and practice Paddle Surfing on an inflatable SUP. In that case, we will always advise you to accompany another person, a friend, or perhaps a family member to help you inflate it.

But suppose you don’t have anyone to go with and still want to continue doing your favorite SUP Paddle activity while pregnant. In that case, we remind you that there are automatic pumps to inflate your board without you having to make any effort.

Paddle Surf during pregnancy: Technique and experience

Can pregnant women SUP?
Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

If you have never done Paddle Surf and want to try it during your first months of pregnancy, we recommend that you go very little by little, testing the balance progressively.

You can start sitting on the board, and as you gain confidence, you can try to get on your knees. Once you have mastered the movement of your SUP board, you can try to stand on it.

You should not be in a hurry, nor should you feel pressured to do things quickly. It does not matter if you cannot stand up on your paddle surfboard the first few times; remember that everything in life takes time and that it is a learning process, slow and sound is better than fast and wrong so that you will avoid heavy falls and unnecessary risks.

If you cannot stand up or feel that you do not have much stability, think that, even if you are sitting down, you will also be exercising your body and enjoying a beautiful day in nature.

Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

If you feel swelling in your knees when you try to stand up, sit on your SUP board and put your legs in the water to cool them down; this way, you will be able to reduce muscle and joint fatigue a lot.

Suppose you have not yet tried paddle surfing while pregnant and want to know the types of SUP boards that exist to have more information. In that case, you can visit this link, where we detail all the updated information on the best paddle surfboards on the market and the modalities that exist in this fantastic sport.

If you follow all our recommendations and advice when you paddle surf during pregnancy, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you fall into the water and take a refreshing swim 😊


Every pregnancy is different, and many things can happen during pregnancy that can limit your practice. If there is still any question, talk to your doctor or midwife. Especially if during the pregnancy you report pain. If it is a musculoskeletal problem, then you should seek a Physiotherapist. If it’s okay, take the opportunity to be in the water and stay active while you’re pregnant, but remember that it’s only 40 weeks. Please don’t risk it!!!

Paddle Surfing in pregnancy

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