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Is san antonio safe for you in 2023

Is san antonio safe for you in 2023

Is san antonio safe for you in 2023

There aren’t many cities like San Antonio that have different moods for each suburb and area. It permanently enhances the already diversified culture, providing a nuance that wonderfully permeates the entire community.

If it weren’t for crime incidents, especially muggings and robberies, this sprawling metropolis would have emerged as one of the safest and largest tourist destinations in the United States.

These are some of the worst neighbourhoods in San Antonio.

1. Pecan Valley

It is a neighbourhood located on the southeastern side of Texas. The houses here are supposed to be built in the style of most mid-century modern residences, which is fascinating. What is not intriguing is the outrageous, violent crime in this area of ​​6,360 people. By the end of 2019, violent crime had increased 555% from the national average.

In addition to the shooting, there is gang activity and serious drug trafficking. If you’re a couch potato, one of the most popular recurring police stories is drug busts, and it’s usually nested in size in kilograms of methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

So far, Pecan Valley is rated safer than any other city in Texas; if you’re wondering, “is San Antonio safe?” This way, the importance of being careful when walking or circulating on the streets should be insisted. Travel or walks after dark should be restricted, especially for women travelling alone.

 No need to worry; some excellent hotel recommendations can be used if necessary. Public transportation after hours is also not recommended due to the risk of crimes such as cash theft and violence. Pecan Valley residents have a 1 in 8 chance of being a victim of crime.


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2. East Terrell Hills

This neighbourhood has a population of only 1,934 people. It is a mistake, as this place is considered to have a good concentration of residences. Surprisingly, crime rates are 465% higher than the national average, and violent crime is 671% higher. According to the crime analysis report, the concentration of crime occurs mainly in assaults due to violent crimes.

Most believe driving onto I-35 brings you closer to public housing, where crime rates are rising. According to FBI figures for 2020, property crimes are 28.4, and violent crimes are 7.8. (1 is a low offence and 100 – is a high offence). Although the police are present, their presence is barely noticeable.

 The crime rate in this area has been unchanged for over a decade, making it one of the worst in San Antonio.

It’s reasonable to enjoy a nice walk or bike ride around the neighbourhood during the day but avoid it at night. There’s no telling how difficult corners and alleys can be, especially for single female travellers. It is only safe to take public transport if cash and a wallet are tied to the waist.

3. Sand District

According to a ranking of neighbourhoods, this area, along with a few others, is the least livable in San Antonio. It houses 1,872 people and is responsible for 11,047 total crimes for each of these 100,000 citizens.

In 2019, 2,272 violent events per 100,000 inhabitants and 8,775 property crimes occurred. This statistic is unlikely to attract tourists to the neighbourhood. The main crime here is robbery, which must be the least favourite of the police because it has been unsolved for over a decade.

They are moving around or riding a horse until dark poses no security risk. There are excellent accommodations that can be used if you want to continue touring the city the next day; independent female travellers should consider this.

 Because petty crime such as pickpocketing is frequent in the high hours, monetary transactions are assumed to be conducted without cash. Public transportation is reasonably safe. There is one in ten chance of being a victim of a crime in the Arena district.

4. Villa de San Antonio

This neighbourhood shows a reduced population does not imply a lower crime rate. With a population of just 127 people, crime rates are 165% higher than the San Antonio average. The violent crime rate is 763% higher than the national average.

The data reveals that the livability score is considered poor. It is not often claimed that being poor comes with the territory of San Antonio’s pimps, drug users/dealers, and other criminals.

One resident noted that the police show up here as often as possible. 

Although public transport is not exceptionally dangerous, it is essential to remain vigilant to avoid being attacked by pickpockets for cash. It seems safe to cycle or walk any time of the day if you are careful.

5. Westwood Village

It has been criticized that this area has less attractive architecture and that its condition is somewhat irregular compared to neighbouring historic towns, such as Alta Vista, which have the same real estate prices. It does not compensate for the crime rates, which are 257% higher than the national average.

Residents are concerned about ongoing break-ins even with a sizeable police presence in the area. Theft recognizes 3,301 cases out of a total of 4,324 incidents. The remaining 30% of property incidents are split between burglary and carjacking.

It is not unreasonable to be cautious when using public transport or simply walking around the neighbourhood.

 Women travelling alone should avoid going out after 8 pm, as the area is dangerous. To detect petty thieves, wallets and sources of money should be hidden in clothing.


Is san antonio safe for you in 2023

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6. Babcock-Summerwind Villas

It is one of those friendly locations that is considered the up-and-coming historic district, quite close to the rented Monte Vista. However, individual residences are said to be hit or miss as one looks unbelievably pretty and another looks worn.

This area is believed to be very crime-free, with a population of only 85 people. However, he could not avoid the scourge of robbery crimes. With some 826 violent events per 100,000 inhabitants, theft increased the number of incidents against property to 5,042 incidents.

While walking and cycling are rarely a sight during the day, it becomes a prominent event at night and should be avoided whenever possible. Due to the tranquillity of the surroundings, the night is a bit unsettling. Public transportation is relatively safe, and nearby motels are highly recommended, though expensive.

You have a 1 in 18 risks of being a crime victim in Villas of Babcock-Summerwind.

7. Cable-Westwood

This popular area of ​​3,296 residents has an exceptional livability score, but crime rates are 182% higher than the San Antonio average. The total crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 14,212, with property crimes being the most significant contributor.

While violent crime accounts for 18% of total offence, property crime accounts for the remaining 70%. With an estimated 11,602 crimes per 100,000 people, theft accounts for 76% of all recorded property crimes.

The police presence in this community is not in question; perhaps the locals have learned better ways to deal with theft. Exploring throughout the day or late at night on foot or by bike poses no safety concerns, even for solo female travellers. Public transportation is also free from cash theft.

The chance of being a victim of a crime in Cable-Westwood is one in eight.

8. Rainbow Hills

The population is 7,022, with a violent crime rate of 2,236 per 100,000 inhabitants. Assault, robbery and rape are the most severe crimes.

Property crimes amount to 10,295 cases, and the police in this neighbourhood are generally visible—theft, theft and car theft, from most common to least san antonio safe

Walking and hiking are allowed day and night to get a better perspective of the city and enjoy the park. Even for women travelling from, all hours are safe enough, although caution is recommended at night, especially near the park. Public transport, although adequate, lacks financial crimes.

In Rainbow Hills, you have a 1 in 9 chance of being the victim of a crime is san antonio safe

9. Jefferson Heights

This area, which has a population of 3,347 people, is average in terms of habitability. The vast majority of the historic residences in this neighbourhood can be described as substantial and full of character.

It’s not generally a crime-ridden neighbourhood as far as San Antonio slums and gangs or drug users go, though it does take something from time to time. This area has a crime rate 50% higher than the San Antonio average but 203% higher than the national average.

Exploring day and night is safe, so only visitors can rest easy. Pickpockets and beggars are also less common in this neighbourhood, so your large amount of cash will remain the same wherever you go. The chance of being a victim of a crime in Jefferson Heights is 1 in 14.

Eastern Village

Carjackings and shoplifting crimes plague the 1,859 residents of this neighbourhood. Half of the car owners in the community have had unpleasant encounters with car theft. The crime rate is 437% higher than the national average, while the violent crime rate is 408% higher.

Is san antonio safe for you in 2023

Walking or biking through this neighbourhood, like other undesirable districts in San Antonio, poses no safety risk to anyone, even only female travellers. Although petty crime, such as cash theft and pickpocketing, is on the rise, it’s wise to be “street smart.” Aside from the financial mishaps, public transportation is risk-free. One victim of a crime is one in eight in the East Village.


Do you have the US ESTA travel authorization? If you have an ESTA application, check if it is still valid.

Current State of Crime in San Antonio

According to FBI crime data for San Antonio, there was an unexplained uptick in violent crime in 2016. In 2017, most high-level crimes were down by 6%, and murders were down by 16%. This pattern continued until 2018 when there was a 6% increase in murders. The violent crime rate increased by 13%, while violent events increased by 14.5%.

With 71 homicides in the first half of 2020, violent crime skyrocketed even higher. This figure compares to 53 murders in the same period in 2019, an increase of 34%.


San Antonio is undoubtedly one of the safest metropolitan cities in the United States. The recent rise in crime rates in San Antonio seems like a setback, as efforts to reduce risk in the city have already had visible effects. San Antonio will soon reclaim its title as the safest city in the world.

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Is san antonio safe for you in 2023