In Bostonia, we take off our hats if you are one of the millions of people who work on their feet all day. It is not easy, and in most cases, it requires a lot of stamina and patience.

That is why it is essential to wear the best shoes to work on your feet for long hours.

Choosing the right shoes for your occupation is vital to your health, and we want to help you with our shoe reviews, buying advice and general advice to make life easier for your feet. When we need shoes to work on our feet for many hours, we look for information to be comfortable when we have to stand and how to alleviate the damage that this can cause to our health.

Take a look at the table of contents and read this article to the end. In this guide, you have everything you need to choose the right long-hour standing shoes for you. We even have a direct search to Amazon so that you can search from here for your shoes, sneakers or boots to stand without having to go to another website.

Best shoes for standing all day

Suitable comfortable footwear is the primary work tool for those who spend their working day on their feet. The feeling of fatigue is minor, prevents diseases and problems in the feet and other joints and provides well-being challenging to achieve with different types of footwear.

Work footwear tends to have a very intensive use, and we must pay close attention to it. In our experience, the main problems are due to plantar pain, caused by poor support or by a deformation caused by excessive hours of standing.

Tightness and swelling are two other prevalent factors that lead to problems. Joint pain at the foot, ankle, knee and hip level is frequent.

All this means that, in the end, a high percentage of people have to use corrective insoles, and in that case, a correct choice of footwear is even more critical to find lasts with good fit and excellent holding power for the foot.


The advantages are many, as long as we look for good products with lasts, designs and materials.

The well-being provided by correct footwear is the main benefit. The durability is much more excellent, with less fatigue and more sweat. All this results in superior comfort and a health benefit.


It is the fundamental part of this type of footwear, along with the composition and shape of the floor.

The template must have the correct anatomy to collect the foot and provide a suitable footprint. Many models incorporate a removable insole that allows it to be replaced by other tailored ones if necessary.

The materials of which it is composed are equally essential. Latex is a very spongy and durable material. Foams of different densities and Eva rubbers are also used, lined with bovine skins that provide more excellent durability and breathability. They can also line with pig skins, fabrics or towels.

Currently, they are beginning to line with synthetic materials such as microfibers that, although they are not natural like leather, provide the same benefits. Even in the case of allergies, they are more recommended than leathers since microfibers do not undergo tanning processes and prevent these allergies.


Many errors occur when buying a specific shoe to work with.


The first thing is the design itself. Restraint must come first. For this reason, we must choose the most low-top models, which can adapt to the width of the foot throughout the day. Laces and velcro are the most popular.

Within the designs, you have to watch the internal finishes closely and try to eliminate procedures with many seams or, even if they are few, that are poorly arranged.

Choice of size and width

The choice of size and width is essential to succeed with our purchase. We should never wear a tiny shoe or buy it narrow, hoping to adapt it with use.

The best thing is to use lasts and brands already proven. From our experience, it is common to repeat the model for the certainty that they are the best that adapt to our feet.

Choice of materials

The materials from which the shoes make influence greater well-being. It is essential to pay attention to the internal linings to provide good breathability to the foot.

Do not alternate footwear.

A very typical mistake is to wear identical shoes every day. We should alternate them more regularly, even changing shoes in the middle of the workday. With this, we ventilate the shoe, and our feet will rest more.

Extend shelf life

Another widespread fact is that of extending the useful life of the shoe too much, continuing to use them when they are already deformed, which produces stale footprints that only bring joint problems.

We must monitor the shoes regularly to detect problems in them. The floors do not have to be rushed too much because, in the end, they end up losing their damping power and are prone to more significant slippage with the problems of falls and slips that can occur.


Some jobs need more elegant footwear, and the usual trend is to wear shoes with heels, either by demand or by custom or that we like more.

We recommend that excessive heights are not abused and that the heels have enough base to provide correct stability in the tread if they have to be used.

Likewise, the shoe’s inner resting sole provides greater well-being and comfort of the footprint.

Fit is essential, which is why we recommend shoes with a bracelet. As in all work shoes, materials are critical to finding the maximum degree of comfort due to their adaptation, breathability, and durability.


Footwear for waiters

The hospitality industry is one of the hardest when it comes to working due to the long hours on their feet. For this, you need suitable footwear, which will be one of your best-valued work tools.

It is essential to get quality footwear and alternate their use regularly. The support is necessary; laces and velcro are the most recommended and demanded models. Loafers, due to their poor grip, are not the most recommended.

A clog offers more excellent breathability, which is the most advantageous factor when choosing them, but they are not very recommended if you have to walk a lot.

The excellent breathability of the shoe will help a lot to mitigate the feeling of fatigue and overload in the feet. Suitable quality leather inner linings will help a lot.

The floors must be of excellent damping power, flexible but light. The non-slip power is significant. That is why the feet with drawings on the sole come in handy and that it does not wear out excessively because we lose tread comfort, and the slip will be more pronounced. Leather soles are suitable for perspiration, but much comfort is lost.

Inside, models with rest insoles are recommended and removable for cleaning and replacement in case of heavy wear. If we want to house custom-made ones, they will never be placed over the ones that the shoe already brings, the old ones will remove, and we will put ours.

Health footwear and for hairdressers and aesthetics

Very common footwear in this sector are open clogs, thanks to their lightness and breathability. It recommends using it with back straps to offer more significant support.

In the hairdressing union, the strapless clog is widely used because it remains standing long without moving. Still, for health personnel, clogs with back straps, flexible and light, with good, are most recommended breathability and non-slip.

Eva rubber footwear is gaining strength, as they are very light and breathable. The highest quality models incorporate very comfortable and anatomical soles that result in greater well-being.

Appropriate footwear for hairdressing and aesthetics

Footwear for the cleaning sector

For this group, we recommend footwear that offers a lot of protection. It works with corrosive liquids, so quality is essential for extended durability.

Models with laces and velcro are highly recommended, with a ribbed rubber sole to prevent slipping.

Pitted models are not recommended because, although they perspire better, they are more exposed to liquids that later affect the feet.

Security shoes

Other factors come into play here. We need to protect the foot from bumps and falls of heavy objects, so we use reinforced metal toecaps.

The designs are very supportive; boots with laces are the most recommended.

The soles must be highly reinforced and non-slip, and only the resting soles and a comfortable last will help us to be able to walk with acceptable comfort.

Footwear for hostesses

In footwear for this sector, design tends to prevail, which is why the heel is used, but a series of factors must consider so that it does not become torture.

To achieve an acceptable degree of comfort, we recommend that the heels have a good support base. We do not recommend designs with many parts and seams.

Straps on the instep help improve support. Rest plants should not be missing.

As for the floors, they are usually thinner. Therefore the tread is more uncomfortable, but there are models with platform soles that significantly improve the degree of comfort of the track.

To minimize the risk of chafing, we recommend moldable and padded buttresses.

Men’s dress work shoes

Like women, men must wear elegant shoes on their workday.

To be comfortable, we recommend models with laces. Those with a smooth blade are in high demand and include resting soles with wide and stylized lasts. The floors have improved greatly, and the polyurethane soles are very light. Padded buttresses help increase comfort and prevent chafing.


It is a section to which little attention is usually paid, but it is essential to increase the durability of our shoes.

Good maintenance and cleaning can provide us with more than double the duration. To do this, we must do regular cleaning with good products and remove the remains of dirt that adhere to the skin since they are very harmful.

We can use the classic wax cream to brush and polish the skin. With this, we are nourishing the skin and preventing it from drying out and ending up cutting. Quick-cleaning creams are valid if they contain waxes, but if other liquids prevail, in the end, they end up damaging the skin. For this reason, we recommend watching what we buy and give to our shoes, and in the long run, it will also be money well invested.

Internally, we can replace the interior templates when they are very worn and deformed.

The floors and seams must be regularly observed to detect possible cuts and wear that are sometimes produced by friction and blows and, if not repaired, can end the shoe’s life in a few weeks.


Calzamedi takes excellent care of men’s footwear mainly. It stands out especially in diabetic footwear and especially for insoles. Its floors are very light and non-slip and provide a comfortable feeling of lightness. In addition, it has a very extensive sizing, from 39 to 50.

Drucker Calzapedic, specialized in women’s footwear, stands out above all for offering anatomical shoe and dress shoes for those who need a more elegant shoe and footwear for insoles. Their boots provide a constant feeling of well-being with more current designs without pressure or chafing. We especially recommend their clogs.

From Alviflex, we highlight its entire catalogue. Although they are not specific to work, their laces and velcro are highly recommended due to their perfectly fitting lasts, their correct fit and the soles made of light materials.

Pinoso is another brand with a specific line of work footwear, with very soft footwear that adapts perfectly to the foot, with highly breathable leathers that provide a high degree of comfort and well-being.

Callaghan is a safe bet for those who need a more attractive design without losing comfort. Their floors stand out significantly. The Adaptation technology is unique to improve tread comfort, and the fact that the sole expands and contracts with each step we take offers us a higher degree of comfort.

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