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Best time to visit puerto rico Travel Lemming 2023

Best time to visit puerto rico Travel Lemming 2023

Best time to visit puerto rico Travel Lemming 2023

Have you been thinking about planning a vacation to Puerto Rico but not necessarily expecting the crowds of tourists that visit the island each year? You should know that, like most tourist attractions, Puerto Rico has a “low season,” a time of year when fewer foreign visitors are visiting the Commonwealth. This low season in Puerto Rico generally lasts from June to the end of October, so those months may be the perfect time for you to enjoy the tropics!

According to, there are many good reasons to visit Puerto Rico during the off-season, including these five benefits illustrated in the article:

  • Accommodations are less expensive: During the low season in Puerto Rico, even the best resorts and hotels often provide discounts on their accommodations. There’s more availability, so you’ll be able to find a place to stay that complements our tropical vibes, whether you’re looking for something low-key or luxurious.
  • It’s not as crowded: Simply put, there are fewer tourists on the island during the low season, so restaurants, accommodations, and activities are more available to off-season visitors. The beaches are also not crowded, and sometimes it means that you and your family can enjoy a practically private beach to yourselves during the low season.
  • There is a lot to do even if it rains: Although it is true that the low season in Puerto Rico is rainier than at other times of the year, there is still much to do and see on the island. You can visit casinos, restaurants, clubs, galleries, and museums — there’s something for everyone in Puerto Rico, even if you’re there primarily for the beaches.
  • Low season is a long season: Since it lasts from early summer to late fall, the low season in Puerto Rico contains many United States holidays, such as school vacations for children and the weekend of Labor Day. Because the weather in Puerto Rico is pretty consistent, you won’t be sacrificing tropical temperatures, either.
  • Historically, Puerto Rico has tolerated storms: Sometimes, people avoid the off-season because they are worried about tropical storms and hurricanes. Puerto Rico has not suffered from a major hurricane since Georges in the 1990s. With today’s technology, you will know well in advance if there will be weather problems, so you can look at forecasts and, if you want, use travel insurance.

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Perhaps you are preparing your getaway to Puerto Rico and wondering what the best time to visit this beautiful country is. Do not worry because here we will tell you what you can find in terms of weather in this Caribbean paradise, and thus you can fully enjoy the virgin beaches of Puerto Rico and all its beautiful corners. 

Best time to visit puerto rico Travel Lemming 2023

Although Puerto Rico is a country,  it is a US Commonwealth, and its citizens have US passports. This Caribbean corner of crystal clear waters is a land with a rich Spanish, African and Taíno heritage that, mixed with the modernity of the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, which has influences from the United States, offers an unforgettable experience to any traveler. Los Boricuas, the local name for Puerto Ricans, are waiting for you to make you enjoy their islands. 

Weather in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s weather is tropical, so it can be pretty hot all year round. May to October is the hottest and rainiest season. December through March tends to be calmer and drier weather; a northeasterly wind blows, and there may be cloudiness and rain. The highest seasons for tourism are the months of December, April, and July, when the locals have school holidays. Therefore, prices also go up at this time. 

What is the best time to visit this country?

Puerto Rico is a charming destination at any time of the year. However, due to its position, this country receives a lot of rain, but do not worry because it is temporary, and you will be able to find moments to enjoy its beaches and natural diversity. Below we detail the different seasons in this beautiful destination. 

June to November is a low season, and tourism activity in Puerto Rico tends to decrease, as it can be hurricane season. The good thing about this season is that you can find discounts at resorts and some hotels. 

The country’s north is more excellent than the south, and temperatures range between 13ºC and 27ºC in winter and 21ºC and 32ºC in summer. The island’s south usually has higher temperatures, with minimums of 13ºC to 32ºC in winter and 24ºC to 38ºC in summer. 

Significant Holidays in Puerto Rico


In the different regions of Puerto Rico, the days of the region’s patron saint are celebrated. If your trip coincides with one of these festivals, you can expect to see the population covered in color and full of dances, floats, and parties. In the patron saint, you can also taste typical dishes such as asopao, chicken, or seafood stew. 

Bomba and Plenary Festival 

This party is a celebration of the history of Puerto Rico and its miscegenation. The two Puerto Rican rhythms with an African flavor are danced at this party. These festivities arose in 1978 as a local protest, and each year their date varies. Sometimes they are celebrated in May, and sometimes in November. 

Ponce Carnival 

Every February, the carnival is celebrated in the colonial city of Ponce. Everything is dressed in color and dances between the corners, reminding us of its stately past. Cardboard carts parade through the city to celebrate this carnival about 150 years old. The tradition is to carry colorfully painted animal bladders, and the bladder bearers lightly hit the carnival goers, scaring them away. 

Discovery Day 

Every November 19, when Christopher Columbus arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493, is celebrated. This holiday has cultural activities, fairs, and parades; it is also the beginning of the Christmas festivities, so Puerto Ricans choose this day to decorate and display their trees of Christmas. 

What to pack in Puerto Rico

And finally, here are some ideas about what you should pack in your travel suitcase to Puerto Rico without forgetting to bring the necessary documentation to start your trip.

  • Due to the tropical climate, you may encounter the occasional storm, so take a raincoat or umbrella for whatever happens. 
  • Although malaria has already been eradicated in Puerto Rico, it is always better to take an insect repellent to enjoy your vacation fully. 
  • Wear natural fiber clothing that is breathable, such as cotton or linen, to have less heat. 
  • Remember to take care of your skin and bring sunscreen to protect yourself from the Caribbean sun. 
  • If you plan to visit the Cordillera Central in search of coffee, or the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, remember to wear suitable footwear for hiking

An underwater camera can be an excellent idea to take home memories of the tropical fish you can see on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

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Best time to visit puerto rico Travel Lemming 2023