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14 Best places to live in texas Families 2023

14 Best places to live in texas Families 2023

14 Best places to live in texas Families 2023

Few places in the United States or the world are as stereotypical as Texas. A mention of the name evokes specific images of the area.

Country music. Western hats. Some distinctive twang and drawl. Barbecues. Rodeos and ranches. Heavy-duty trucks. Cowboys on horseback skinning cattle. The American flag on the front porch. Starry night skies. And, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

Well, the Lone Star State is that and more. Much more. And if you’re looking to move here, you’re probably interested in more than just stereotypes.

The good news is that Texas has always remained attractive of fabulous weather, low state taxes, affordable housing, exciting cities, and plenty to do. And as if we needed any reminders, the latest Best Cities to Live in America ranking has placed Texas firmly in second place in terms of liveability, second only to California.’s rankings considered the quality of local schools, employment statistics, housing trends, crime rates, and access to services. We came up with our list based on this complex data, also considering what the locals themselves have to say.

 And here are the cities, towns, and suburbs that made our list of the 15 best places to live in Texas. The forestsSource: Thierry behoves / Shutterstock The Woodlands has been named the sixth best place to live in America.

That’s not a surprise because anyone who’s spent time in one of Houston’s poshest suburbs will admit without question that the place is in a class of its own.

The small town of 105,000 residents has enough restaurants, shops, concerts, and upscale events to make it a destination spot in its own right. It is also one of the most picturesque places you can live, with lush greens and wooded areas that characterize the landscape. There’s a reason they call it The Woodlands, you know.

In case you think bad guys might lurk in the bushes, the crime rate is meagre, with only one point of theft reported annually per 100,000. The cost of living is a bit high, but many consider the median home value of $311,300 an outright steal.

1. Flat

The latest data also ranked Plano very favourably and quietly behind The Woodlands as the seventh best place to live in the United States.With a population of 275,645, Plano has one of the lowest crime rates in Texas and some of the lowest taxes in the region. It prides itself on being “A Great Place to Do Business,” and it lives up to that label.

Where to Stay: Best Hotels in the area.A constellation of office buildings streaks across its Texas sky, and every business seems to be shifting its operations here: JP Morgan Chase, Dean & Delucca, Barnes & Noble, Shake Shack and more. It is also the regional headquarters for giants such as PepsiCo, Bank of America, Intel and Cigna.

With such a phenomenal growth rate, the median home value isn’t likely to stay at $329,100 for long (it stood at $301,848 in 2016 and $231,600 in 2011).

It’s an incredibly diverse city, Plano, with a whopping 80 languages ​​spoken in its highly-rated schools. New residents are sure to warm up to their new surroundings in no time, considering the great camaraderie the community wishes to foster.

2. Euless

Euless is considered a medium-sized city with a small-town spirit. Whether a population of about 53,000 is enough to warrant the definition of a midsize city, we’re not exactly sure.

But what is certain is that the city hidden between Dallas and Fort Worth is one of the best places to live in Texas. Like many other parts of the state these days, Euless is quite diverse, with a large number of Hispanics and Asians.

The most diverse public high school in Texas is here. Name’s Trinity High School, a top-ranking institution in every facet: academics, athletics (the Trojans were 2015 district championship winners), and even specialized classes, including robotics and cosmetology.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy knowing Euless has an 18-hole golf course. There’s a water park where kids can get lost, not to mention 300 acres of parkland. The unemployment rate is a paltry 4.1 per cent, and the bonus in a state where long distances are the norm is that Dallas is only 30 minutes away.

A typical house in Euless costs $200,000.

3. Richardson

For anyone looking to raise a family in Texas, one area to consider is Richardson.It is a well-run suburb of 110,000 residents, where more than half of all adults have at least a bachelor’s degree. The typical household brings in more than $80,000 a year, much of which goes into savings (we want to believe), given that the cost of living is lower than in most cities.

Goods and services reach indicative prices of the national average. And with violent crime almost unheard of in these parts, it’s easy to see why Richardson came in at an impressive No. 13 in the best cities to live in America.

The small city is nestled just outside of Dallas so that Richardson residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: the economic opportunities and cultural amenities in the big city, minus the property and higher violent crime rates.

4. Round Rock

Where to Stay: Best Hotels in the area.Rock has been a fixture in the best places to live in the country over the years, and in 2017 the small suburban utopia of some 110,000 residents was recorded at number 16.

And here’s why. For one thing, Round Rock is close to all the fun and culture of Austin, with Dallas also less than three hours away. The unemployment rate is meagre, and everyone you meet seems to be some engineer.

But that’s probably because this is the home of Dell, with other tech giants like IBM and Samsung also laying claim to these coveted lands, away from the buzz and exorbitance of Silicon Valley.

Most Round Rock residents own their own homes, but if you’re looking to move into a rental, the going rate is hovering at the $1,000 mark.

The schools are excellent, they consistently rank highly, and the area has enough variety of restaurants for a larger city. There’s plenty to do for the outdoorsy type: jogging trails, endless parks, plenty of sports and recreation options, not to mention a variety of other special events. Round Rock is a dream. An American dream.

5. Austin

We don’t often see big cities on lists of best places to live, relying only on their suburbs for bragging rights. But Austin managed an incredible No. 22 in 2017. So alluring is the Texas capital that it’s not the first time it’s received an honourable mention this year.

The US News and World Report were less conservative earlier, naming Austin the best place to live in America in an annual report ranking the 100 largest US metropolitan areas.

It knocked Denver off the hook, and part of it was a high level of convenience. Additionally, growth in the capital’s median salary of $57,689 contributed to the favourable ranking, as did the low unemployment rate that has hovered around three per cent in the past year.

Austin is a city made up primarily of young people, with millennials particularly drawn to the city like a moth to a flame. What naturally follows is that the nightlife has to be vibrant, and that’s precisely what you get.

Amazingly, Austin’s population has remained below the 1 million mark, currently at 947,890. But it’s only a matter of time before that barrier is broken, especially since homes cost an average of $325,700.

6. College Station

College Station is tucked away somewhere in the heart of central Texas, 100 miles each from Houston (to the northwest) and Austin (to the northeast), with Dallas about 200 miles to the north.

The city of 101,000 gets its name from the prestige of being home to the famous Texas A&M University, one of the largest public universities in the United States. It’s been accused of having a small-town feel, but it turns out it’s that exact feeling that saw it land at position 28 on the Best Cities to Live in America.

Unsurprisingly, it’s incredibly diverse, and the cost of living is reasonable, below the national averageTexas is generally affordable, that’s for sure. But if you want to cut costs and don’t mind a small-town feel, then you’ll love College Station. The going rate for an average home is just under the $200,000 mark.

Residents enjoy the convenience of the ingenious Bike, Pedestrian and Greenway Plan that has everyone’s best interests in mind. And the result could only be happy residents.

7. Houston

Houston has made a name for itself as the launch site for the Space Shuttle (and probably oil refineries), but there’s so much more to Bayou City. Ranked 57th in the best cities to live in America, this economic behemoth has for years been regarded as the most significant job creator in the country, with an incredible 26 Fortune 500 companies calling the city home.

Perhaps Houston is even more surprising because you’d expect it to be undeniably expensive. Still, a paycheck in this city of 2.3 million residents goes further than anywhere else in the country.

Health care in Houston is a big deal, all the way around, as the city has a medical centre larger than downtown Dallas.

Throw in a burgeoning restaurant and cultural scene, and Houston, a city with an attractive median home value of $312,900, quickly makes a winning case as one of America’s best cities.

8. Denton

If you’re looking to move to Dallas, one of the first places you need to base your search on is Denton. Denton is a county, although its central city also has the same name.

14 Best places to live in texas Families 2023

Education seems to be what it is in Texas right now, and Denton is keen not to be left behind. The University of Texas and Texas Woman’s University are based in this city of 125,734 people, making it a college town.

But Denton is more than that, even though residents sometimes call it “little d” as opposed to nearby “Big D,” Dallas. It is one of Texas’s most diverse, culturally vibrant, and forward-thinking communities.

Most of the residents are entrepreneurs working in technology or the creative industry. The city scores highly on housing (the current median home is $265,000) and is generally considered exceptionally livable.

A thriving arts and culture scene is considered significant for its size, averaging 20 major fairs and festivals each year. From music to air shows, Cinco de Mayo places to live in texas

And did we mention that it was ranked No. 64 in the best cities to live in America? That’s how it is!

9. Lubbock

The name may not imagine a place worthy of a top 100 entry on the best cities list, but words count for little in Lubbock.

You’ll find Texas Tech University, the largest employer in a city of 240,000 residents in Lubbock.

A good portion of the residents also works in the Lubbock Independent School District (note school theme) and Covenant Health System. A large number of jobs in education and health care means that about three in 10 adults in Lubbock have a college degree.

The city ranks favourably in travel and has one of the lowest percentages of people who travel for 60 minutes or more. Then again, with everyone working their neck of the woods, that’s to be expected.

However, the city has a well-developed transportation system, and public transportation is decent. It has been marketed as very conservative, although the nightlife is surprisingly good, with plenty of happening venues.

The outdoor enthusiast may feel a bit restricted, but for anyone looking to advance their career in education, you’ll rarely find better cities to fit the bill.

10. Cool

With highly rated public schools, affordable housing, and plenty of recreational activities, the Dallas suburb of Frisco has for years remained one of the most desirable areas in the places to live in texas

The city’s suburb, with a population of 277,600, has been described as a “shopper’s paradise” due to its nine million square feet of shops and restaurants that maintain the “big factor” of Lone Star status.

Home prices have skyrocketed in recent years, from $277,600 in 2011 to $393,500 today, and the market is expected to remain bullish. So if there were ever a time to buy, now would be ideal.

If you’re big on sports, then Frisco is your place. It’s home to all the teams you heard about growing up, sports are a significant employer, and their healthcare also earns a lot of praise.

11. Pearland

Pearland is conveniently located just 20 minutes from downtown Houston (and 15 minutes from the Johnson Space Center).

On average, each household earns $95,972 a year, and the high rate of income can be attributed to the more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies in Houston, which have undoubtedly contributed to the remarkable diversity in this area.

Public schools are established performers, and the fast-growing Texas suburb will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining and shopping. The city has about 140 restaurants, with the outdoor lifestyle mall and Pearland Town Center as great places to shop and catch up with friends.

Pearland residents love their golf. You’ll often find them swinging at some of the city’s popular courses, including the 18-course Pearland Golf Club, Golfcrest Country Club and Southwyck Golf Club.

Compared to most parts of the state, the cost of living here is a dollar too high. Rental homes average $1,206, but they’re small potatoes, considering the perks of living in Pearland.

12. Cedar Park

It may not have made the list of Best Cities, but Cedar Park is one of the most desirable areas to raise a family in all of Texas. best places to live in texas

It is an up-and-coming suburb in Austin with a population of 60,800. It’s 20 minutes from downtown, and the city is highly regarded regarding the performance of public schools, the convenience of families, diversity, and nightlife.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate what Cedar Park offers, with nearby attractions including Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Travis.

Dining options also abound, ranging from famous family-owned Texan steakhouses to Asian cuisine (a common trend in Texas) and various trendy craft pubs and coffee shops.

Lakeline Mall might be the biggest mistake for shoppers in Cedar Park; you’ll find everything you need (and don’t need) here.

13. Spicewood

Nestled farther from downtown Austin, you’ll find yourself in one of the most picturesque suburbs in Texas. Spicewood is a beautiful community located along North Lake Travis in Burnet County.

Home to about 10,000 residents, most houses are in or near the seven-figure range. Well, it all depends on where the property is located, but the average hovers around the $600,000 mark.

This incredible community offers something challenging to come by these days: solitude. It’s hard not to love, and the good news is that it’s not just great for retirees. The area has a great elementary school, making it one of the ideal places to live in Austin if you have young children.

Whenever you get bored of serenity and want a dose of city craziness, downtown is always just 45 minutes away.

14. Lewisville

Lewisville is a suburb in Denton County, Dallas, with a population of 101,000. Unlike Spicewood, home prices here are low (below the national average), averaging $156,800. For a municipality just minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth, that’s modest. best places to live in texas

But it’s not like this is a city for the have-nots. Simply offering good value for money, Lewisville provides an eclectic variety of things to do. These range from various outdoor recreation activities, mainly around Lake Lewisville, to the Old Town Lewisville shopping district.

Overall, desirability for families is pretty high, thanks to exceptional rankings for the usual suspects: public schools, health and fitness, jobs, livability, diversity, and commuting (all rated A by, and many other factors.

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14 Best places to live in texas Families 2023