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7 Best hot air balloon rides Destinations 2023

7 Best hot air balloon rides Destinations 2023

7 Best hot air balloon rides Destinations 2023

A relaxing experience but at the same time full of adventure. Admiring the landscape from a hot air balloon is one of the most incredible ways to get to know a destination. The next time you go on a trip, think about getting on one of these balloons and looking at the horizon from several meters high. 

Whether it’s the first time you’ve taken to the skies or already done it several times, a hot air balloon ride is an experience you won’t forget. Fly over green fields or the arctic: we present seven ideal destinations to take to the skies.

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

See the famous chimneys of Cappadocia above. Cappadocia is known for its natural wonders, such as fairy chimneys, which attract travellers from all corners of the world. Fairy chimneys are rock formations that date back millions of years. Created from lava flows, the view from the sky takes your breath away. Hundreds of hot air balloons on the horizon form a kaleidoscope of colours on any given day.

The high season is from May to September, but balloon rides are offered throughout the year as long as the weather is good. Stay in the heart of Cappadocia in one of the cave-like rooms at the Mithra Cave Hotel. Get up early to board a hot air balloon and enjoy views of the region’s peaks and valleys as the sun rises.

2. Loire Valley, France

Admire the beauty of the Loire Valley from a hot air balloonIn the Loire Valley, you can fly over vineyards, rivers and forests in just a few minutes and admire the typical French landscape from a hot air balloon. One of the most popular walks is the one that takes you above Château Chenonceau.

 Look over the wicker basket to see the castle. If you travel between April and October, you will also be able to visit it on dry land. Tours generally start early or mid-afternoon, depending on the weather.

 When you’re back on solid ground, unwind at the luxurious Le Pavillon Des Lys accommodation, just a five-minute walk from the Château d’Amboise.

3. Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

The unique experience of seeing the Canadian Arctic from a hot air balloon The Canadian arctic, especially Iqaluit, is a highly sought-after destination for those wanting to take a hot air balloon ride. This incredible excursion gives you a unique chance to fly between northern communities, even between ice caps, from Nunavut’s Baffin Island to Greenland.

Get ready for the weather because balloon rides are held in winter so that you can enjoy the ice at its best. When the day is done, warm up at The Frobisher Inn. This accommodation has a gym and a kitchenette in some rooms. The central location is very convenient.

4. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

See the Serengeti from above in a hot air balloon.Serengeti National Park is known for its scenery and diverse wildlife, from elephants to lions. You have the best views of Tanzania from a hot air balloon.

Tours are available year-round but may vary by location. Regardless of the year’s season, the flight’s height will change according to weather conditions, so no two balloon rides are the same. The Asanja Africa has a decoration inspired by Maasai ceremonies and offers luxury tents in the south-central region of the park.

5. Bagan, Myanmar

See the landscape of Bagan from the sky.In Bagan, one of the most visited cities in Myanmar, you will find many historical monuments, stupas and pagodas. Take to the skies and admire the incredible architecture surrounding you from your wicker basket.

The ballooning season runs from October to mid-March because that is when the wind is calm and the air fresh. The best conditions are between December and February when you can meet many other people enjoying the scenery. Head back to dry land and watch the balloons in the sky from the Bagan View Hotel.

6. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

More than 500 balloons take to the skies at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival Balloon enthusiasts often visit Albuquerque the first week of October for the city’s annual event, the International Balloon Festival. 

During the festival, more than 500 colourful airships take to the skies. There is also a laser show, a flying competition and fireworks. If you feel like going to the festival, don’t forget to book a balloon ride in advance.

If you prefer something more exclusive, book a private champagne balloon ride to admire the incredible desert landscape of New Mexico. After a long day, relax at El Vado Motel. This retro location is completely renovated to offer you all the modern conveniences you need.

7. Pier, San Carlos, Costa Rica

Pier and its active volcano are best seen from 300 meters highFly over the tropical jungle, and if you are lucky, you will see how the monkeys run through the treetops of Muelle.This natural beauty is located in the north of Costa Rica and can be admired from 300 meters. You can see various places, such as the national park or the Arenal volcano, which is still active.

For a more practical experience, you can learn how to prepare the hot air balloon for flight at Muelle. You can even choose where to land under the supervision of the person in charge of piloting the balloon. After the ride, you can relax at the Tilajari Hotel Resort, surrounded by jungle and tropical gardens.

7 Best hot air balloon rides Destinations 2023

The balloon ride starts early in the morning, before sunrise. The entire activity lasts approximately five hours, between 60 and 90 minutes, corresponding to the flight itself. A hot air balloon ride is one of the most exciting and safest Active Tourism and adventure activities that can be enjoyed.

GLOBO also includes a welcome coffee in Seville with pastries and typical sweets, a complete free buffet in a 4-star hotel for breakfast after the flight, and a celebration with cava and delivery of souvenir diplomas. All passengers are offered fresh water during the flight in individual bottles.

They will also receive a link to download a video of their adventure in HD with a photographic report of the experience a few days after the flight. Of course, civil liability insurance is included and is also mandatory in this activity. Nobody can offer you more.


We meet our passengers at the meeting point. With punctuality in the appointment, we will achieve better flight conditions and therefore more possibilities to extend the journey. From there, we travel to the take-off field in Gloobo’s off-road vehicles. 

Practically every weekend, we usually take off from our aerodromes in Gerena and Aznalcóllar, in the northwest of the province of Seville. We also regularly offer flights to Córdoba, Ronda (Málaga), Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) and Granada-Guadix.

We check the weather forecasts for the last time and introduce our passengers to the world of ballooning to familiarize ourselves with the hot air balloon, its essential operation and the simple safety regulations.

The montage

Passengers who wish can collaborate to assemble the balloon and take the first photos and videos. From now on, we will all be part of the same team. The inflation maneuver lasts about 30 minutes, and the envelope or sail of the balloon slowly fills with air provided by a powerful fan. hot air balloon rides

Moments later, the pilot turns on the burners and begins to heat the cold air inside until the balloon gently stands up, showing off its magnificent colours in the middle of the field. The passengers climb aboard the gondola, excitedly putting on their flight hats and sharpening their five senses because the ascent begins. We float!

The flight

Once in the air, the sensation of vertigo disappears as there is no connection with the ground, and the wind participates in our course. Different air currents typically appear with height, with which we play at our whim.

 We will fly over enclaves such as the Green Corridor of the Guadiamar River, in the Sevillian Aljarafe and the surroundings of the Doñana Natural Park (in the province of Seville).

The sensations experienced are new because there is no friction; we walk immersed in the immensity of the air mass at the same speed. The views are unmatched, and it is common to observe all kinds of fauna during the balloon flight.

There are no sudden or unpleasant movements. The basket is extraordinarily stable, and one could almost say that it is the world that moves under us to offer us its most hidden corners. The use of modern technology, new materials and the most experienced piloting techniques guarantee a safe and comfortable flight. hot air balloon rides

The landing

The gondola gently approaches the ground, we receive the final instructions from the pilot, such as the safety position, and we land, one of the most fun and exciting moments of the balloon flight.

If the wind exceeds 15km/h (8 knots), the gondola can drag a few meters, always a source of laughter and anecdotes. The ground support vehicles have been in radio contact, monitoring the balloon’s trajectory at all times and are approaching to pick us up and the material.


We move with the ground team to a nearby Venta, where we will have a hearty Andalusian breakfast together (in Seville, it is done in a 4* hotel with all the free buffets at our disposal). No rush; a moment to rest, chat and regain strength. hot air balloon rides

Flight anecdotes, the history of ballooning and the exchange of opinions are our favourites, as well as technical questions about our aircraft, a new world opens up to our passengers, and we are delighted to invite you, not in vain; we live for it.

Baptism of the Air

We open some icy bottles of cava to baptize the passengers with an aeronautical name, which will bring them luck to remember and present them with a balloon flight certificate. From then on, they will become authentic wind travellers, as we like to call them.

The passengers will well remember the tradition and meaning of this incredible moment. Finally, we all toast together so that the gentle winds accompany us on the next flights and in life. Health! It has been a pleasure.

See you soon

After about five intense shared hours, the activity ended. Passengers sometimes exchange email addresses to send each other photos and keeping in touch for future adventures.

 At Global, we take high-resolution photos and videos of the entire experience available to passengers through a link to their email. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, especially that you recommend us.

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7 Best hot air balloon rides Destinations 2023