10 amazing experiences in the key west resorts 2023

10 amazing experiences in the key west resorts 2023

Are you organizing a trip to Los Angeles? We have what you need: a list of the most important places to visit in Los Angeles. To experience the essence of Los Angeles, it is essential to have set foot in some regions of the city.

 Hollywood is perhaps the most important and the one with the most significant number of tourist attractions. However, there are many more. We provide a brief description of each place in Los Angeles, so you can decide which places to see.

 Our list may be complete, especially if you travel for a few days. In this case, we recommend you look at the three-day Los Angeles itinerary. If you want to complete your trip with other points of interest close to Los Angeles, do not miss the itineraries and excursions section.

If you love to travel, you will love the United States. It is a vast country that has everything an adventurous soul needs. Here we will tell you which 20 tourist places in the United States you cannot miss, so take note.

But first, we will be honest with you. Do not think about putting together a checklist that includes all these sites since you can hardly know all twenty. The United States is the fourth largest country in the world and is home to distances of considerable scale.

So you will have to select only the destinations that most attract you. The good news is that you have a lot of variety to choose from: cities, rivers, national parks, and more. Look!

1. Step on the driest place on the planet

The reflections of the ocean on the Californian coast find their counterpoint in Death Valley, considered the driest and hottest place on the planet. Life seems to be on edge in the borderland of southeastern California, where the first miners arrived in search of gold. 

Its terrifying name, the Valley of Death, is due to the companions they left behind in their conquest of the American West. World records have been broken in geography, such as the 56.7 degrees recorded in July 1913. It was recorded in Badwater, a patched salt flat that is the lowest place in America. As a curious fact, you will be 86 meters below sea level when you reach it—an essential stop on a route through the American West.

2. Swim among the dunes of the Mojave Desert

Old ore extraction locomotives, a tribute to the resistance to work of the famous 20 mules that pulled the wagons from the mines, and the exploitation of the whitish crystals of borax salt marked its landscape, as you can see by the numerous mine openings that appear in the lonely creeks Do not go into them, they are in danger of collapsing.

 Instead, seek out the golden Mesquite Dunes, a sea of ​​sand in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Do it in its most spectacular moments; with the first or last light of day, you will be stepping into one of the most beautiful locations where the Star Wars movie was shot. Artist’s Palette and Zabriskie Point.

3. Sit on the edge of the rainbow.

Take a good look because you are in a desert full of life, with plants and animals that bring together a thousand species. While you try to discover them, get ready for a chill-out sunset at the Zabriskie Point viewpoint, a palette of mineral colors on the hills of the gullies painted over millions of years. 

No less striking is the place called the Artist’s Palette. A wall painted red, yellow, pink, green, or purple by the oxidation of minerals lights up as evening falls at the foot of the Black Mountains. Alabama Hills.

4. Star in a Western

Look to the Alabama Hills in the Owens Valley for a Far West vibe. When you enter the town of Lone Pine, you will have reached the door of the Wild West. Since 1920 its surroundings have been mainly used as settings for ‘western movies,’ although scenes from the Star Trek saga and Maverick have also been shot, as well as the more recent Iron Man and Django Unchained. 

Spectacular canyons and rocks modeled by erosion, with rounded shapes and dozens of arches, some as colorful as Mobiusthey, have been the setting for more than 400 western films and 1,500 commercials. This small town organizes a Film Festival every year in October, during the ‘Columbus weekend,’ at the Museum of the History of Western Films. Guided tours by actors, talks, tours, and more than a hundred plaques installed in the filming locations will make you slip into the movie. Golden Canyon.

5. Think like a pioneer

As you descend 58 meters below sea level, you’ll reach Furnace Creek, a former Death Valley town that was the headquarters of the Pacific Coast Borax Mining Company. It is currently where most of the park’s services are concentrated, such as hotels and campsites. 

Enter the Interpretation Center of the National Park, which will help you recognize the important places. Like the Golden Canyon, a canyon with which you can approach extraordinary rock formations like waves of stone. It has several routes and is an authentic adventure through the badlands that will make you feel like a pioneer. Bristlecone pine.

6. Meet the King of West Coast Country

10 amazing experiences in the key west resorts 2023

Methuselah appears to be an immortal tree judging by its 5,065 years. It lives with its congeners, the spiny cone pines, in the White Mountains, at 3,000 meters. It reached this high elevation to avoid competition with other pins down the slope. On the summits, it grew slowly and painstakingly on the same rock. 

The result is a rocky forest in subalpine conditions and hardly any food. Its twisted branches and trunks gather the passage of time in their woody beauty. At the same time, its leaves can remain up to forty years on its branches. You will have to walk to find them, but when you do, you will be excited because you are in front of the oldest living beings on the planet. Mono Lake.

7. Peek into the saltiest place in California

In the Owens Valley, when you reach the shore of Mono Lake in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, you will have reached one of the oldest and saltiest lakes in the world. It is unique, not so much because its water can only escape through the action of the sun, but rather because when it evaporates, it leaves high concentrations of salts on the lake. 

The most striking thing is that living beings like to live among so much salinity. It is an alga essential for a pink crustacean: brine shrimp. Together with the alkaline flies, they are a food feast for millions of resident birds and those that rest each year on their migratory steps. 

Finish your tour in the afternoon next to the lake and its columns of calcareous tuff produced by the circulation of fresh water among the minerals. It is the best time to contemplate the beauty of such an original mass of water in its fullness under an endless starry sky. Mount Whitney.

8. Admire the highest in the United States

10 amazing experiences in the key west resorts 2023

On this trip, you can combine stepping on the lowest place in the country –Badwater- with ascending to its highest peak, Mount Whitney. It is 4,421 meters high and is the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada. You will see its silhouette from the town of Lone Pine, but if you dare to reach its alpine-environment summit, you must climb to Whitney Portal along a spectacular, dizzying curved road.

 Located 21 kilometers from the city, it is the starting point of a 13-kilometer zigzag mountain trail. Take your time because you will save a drop of 1,900 meters and request your mountaineering permit in advance to reach the roof of the United States. Owens Valley Petroglyphs. key west resorts

9. Get to the beginning of the story.

The rocks outside of Bishop bear traces of the life of the early people of the Owens Valley thanks to their petroglyphs. Before European settlers arrived, this vast valley of volcanic rocks was inhabited by the Paiute and Shoshone Indians.

 By scratching the blackish surface of the rocks, they made the whitish volcanic tuff emerge, representing their collector and nomadic way of life through the valley through the petroglyphs that we can see today. key west resorts

 You will be able to discover rams, birds, deer, and anthropomorphic beings, as well as symbolic curvilinear paths of shamanic concepts. Use your imagination, do not touch the petroglyphs due to their extreme fragility, and watch where you step because you are in rattlesnake territory. Red Rock Canyon.

10. Be fearless in the desert.

Although the city of Las Vegas attracts you with its lights and lively urban life around its casinos, make a stop before arriving 27 kilometers away when you are already touring the state of Nevada. The Red Rock Canyon awaits you and its spectacular walls of intense reddish color. 

It is the end of the Mojave, the unique Californian desert where the vegetation is unmistakable due to its large yuccas and the peculiar Joshua tree, the same one that inspired the musicians of the group U2 in one of their best albums: Joshua Tree.

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10 amazing experiences in the key west resorts 2023