All About The 12-Foot Skeleton Of Giant Size

All About The 12-Foot Skeleton Of Giant Size

There is no fall; there is no fall. These are outdated terms from a bygone era. Now there is only Spooky Season. And every year, Spooky Season brings more significant, better, and more outrageous decorations and costumes. One of the best deals last year to appease and thank the pumpkin gods was a 9ft tall inflatable squid costume, which seemed pretty hard to beat. Difficult, but not impossible because it has passed.

Behold, the giant 12-foot skeleton with LifeEyes

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Home Depot A new Scary Season King has appeared, and here it is. May he reign for a long time.

Look at this thing; watch it. Take your time with this.

Is there a reasonable argument to be made for dropping $ 299 plus tax on a 12-foot tall lawn ornament? No. But does that sound like a guy laughing at your “sanity” and “financial responsibility”? Again, no. Fuck no. It is called the giant 12-foot skeleton. His name already indicates how big he is, but he repeats it, just to send the dot home and to make it clear that you – I – don’t mean shit. He doesn’t need your justification; he transcends it. We are lucky if we are lucky enough to stand in his presence.

These other decorations should be embarrassing. They should fold into their stupid full-size Rubbermaid trash cans and throw themselves into the attic like the fools they are. This house in the photo is worth probably $ 900,000, and change? It does not matter. It might as well be a cabin. The giant 12-foot skeleton with LifeEyes is now the most precious thing on this lot.

You are probably wondering, “what is LifeEyes?” Oh, oh, I’ll show you what LifeEyes are. I have your LifeEyes here, buddy.

12 Foot Skeleton Of Giant Size
12-Foot Skeleton Of Giant Size

Home Depot GAZE

Four C batteries and innocent screams power these LCD eyes.

They’re both flat like a character in the deeply cursed late ’90s series Cyberchase, yet endless with black hole intensity, mysterious and terrifyingly awe-inspiring like the God of the First Testament. I guarantee that if you stare at the 12-foot Giant Skeleton LifeEyes long enough, you will be able to see your death.

The description of the Home Depot product page says that it is “designed for indoor or outdoor use.” Listen, you are free to make your own choices, but what if you put this thing in your house? Congratulations, this is no longer your house. It is now the home of your new giant skeletal lord.

Need more information? Well, if the name 12-foot Giant Skeleton with LifeEyes isn’t clear enough to you, Home Depot also points out the theme of this decoration – the Skeleton. Yeah, idiot, Skeleton is a whole theme now. Don’t ask questions.

Listen, I don’t know all the ramifications of erecting the 12ft giant skeleton with LifeEyes and implanting it on your lawn. I don’t know what kind of Pandora’s box will open. All I know is that it deserves to be feared and respected, and it doesn’t come with batteries.

Home Depot sells a 12-foot-tall Skeleton for Halloween, and it’s fantastic.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to start putting out your decorations if you haven’t already. Maybe you are all equipped with lanterns and witches, but there’s one more thing you probably don’t have but need: this 12-foot tall Skeleton sold at Home Depot.

This thing is gigantic! A 12-foot-tall Skeleton makes a statement, that’s for sure. He will dominate anyone who approaches him, and because he is so tall, he will be seen from miles away. No one is going to have anything like this in your backyard, so you are sure to win Halloween.

Her eyes move even for an ultimate outpouring. The Skeleton’s LCD eyes move back and forth and blink, making it not only very realistic (as realistic as a gigantic skeleton could be) but even more spooky. No haunted house (literal or figurative) would be complete without it.

It can use indoors or outdoors, and It can be challenging to find a place in your house that would suit a 12-foot skeleton, but at least you know you can use it around the house if you want to. It might scare people and make things a bit cramped.

Granted, it was not cheap. As you can imagine, a 12-foot-tall Skeleton won’t come cheap, with Home Depot selling the incredible piece for $ 300. However, it’s so great that it continues to sell online as often as it replenishes, so you’ll need to be quick and keep an eye on the retailer’s site to see when it’s available. Get yours HERE 

Without a doubt, Halloween is the perfect time to go out with spooky decorations without raising a few tabs. So if you’re looking for the ultimate décor that reaches your entire neighborhood, Home Depot has you covered. The leading home improvement retailer launched its 12-foot jumbo-sized skeleton with LifeEyes under the Holiday Home Accents brand. And yes, you read that right. It is so strong.

At 12 feet tall, this exaggerated decoration is undoubtedly impossible to notice. It consists of not only a handful of creepy bones but also a pair of blue eyes! And to make things more exciting, it can stand up as it comes with a metal frame. So if you are tired of the usual skeleton makeup with sloppy posture, this is definitely for you.


It is weather-resistant, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. But of course, you want to fold such a large ornament. So it deserves a place in your garden. Aside from its massive size, we mentioned earlier that this skeleton also has very skeletal eyes. Well, they are not just typical prints or stickers; they are LCD eyes that are very realistic. And the creepiest thing is that they not only light up when activated, but they also move and fade! Oh!

That said, they do need four C batteries to function optimally. And the good thing is that they also have a timer function that sets it to run for six hours. Then it remains ready for the rest of the day. So you won’t have to worry about it working overnight.

You can get this life-size skeleton on the Home Depot website for just $299. It seems like a brilliant investment, given that Halloween is an annual event. While this skeleton is easy to assemble, you still need to call a friend for help. According to the product list, the assembly time should be about 60 minutes to two. How about you take one of these unicorn and dragon skeletons to finish off your shadowy team?

I love the Home Depot giant 12-foot skeleton.

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