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5 Best Foot Massagers of 2022

5 Best Foot Massagers of 2022

5 Best Foot Massagers of 2022

Bring a little originality to your training! The trampoline can work up to 400 muscles and burn hundreds of calories during your exercises. If this device tempts you, discover without further delay my selection of the best fitness trampolines on the market!

Using a foot massager is essential to release all the pressure in the whole body. I strongly advise you to get a foot massager to enjoy a moment of complete relaxation in the comfort of your home or even at your office.

There are many models on the market with different qualities and functions. As a masseuse trained in plantar reflexology, I know these devices and their benefits. I am a fan of RENPHO shiatsu foot massager. I must admit that it has become my evening ritual in front of the television.

This article will guide you to find the model you need. I have selected four electric foot massagers from the multitude of versions available on the market.  


Electric shiatsu foot massager, Renpho: MY FAVORITE 

The Renpho Shiatsu foot massager is convenient and efficient. This foot massager has been specially designed with several types of equipment. You will find spinning balls, rolling sticks, heating mode and air compression.

You can activate the heating function for complete relaxation of the foot muscles. The equipment is fitted with two covers, with removable and washable feet, guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

You can make your setting either directly on the device or with the remote control. You can choose between 3 massage intensities and three pressure levels (weak, medium, strong). The device is adjustable for operation according to the desired duration of the massage (10, 15 or 20 minutes); this increases the device’s safety.

I recommend the Renpho Electric Foot Massager for those who want to enjoy an effective foot massage from home. The foot massager is a bit bulky, but the massage is worth it. My feet are relieved, relaxed and with better blood circulation. I am on my feet all day, so trust me that the 30-minute massage per day is necessary.

I find it a little gem, and I highly recommend it. My partner also uses it for our greatest happiness. However, please beware of the giant foot. It goes up to size 46.

What is the Best Foot Massagers of 2022?

  1. Turejo Foot Bath Massager
  2. Renpho FM-059 – My Favorite
  3. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
  4. Renpho FM-079R – The best quality/price ratio
  5. Beurer FM 60 – Efficient and inexpensive
  6. Kendao – Wooden massage rollers

1. Naipo MGF-F15 – Best foot massagers of 2022

All the benefits of a shiatsu massage on the feet! The Naipo MGF-F15 is one of the most advanced machines on the market, and it offers four different massage modes combining stretching, pressure and rolling to relieve pain, whether it comes from practising a sport. Or they are due to wearing uncomfortable shoes. It suits all sensibilities; three levels are also available, from soft to dynamic.

Multifunctional, the device is also helpful for quickly warming cold feet since it can rise to 45 °. The muscles are then relaxed, and thanks to a 15-minute timer, the relaxation sessions are ideally timed. The entire foot was also included for an optimal result. Lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to its handle, this massager can finally move to any room.

My opinion: Of all the massagers I have been able to test, this Naipo quickly became one of my favourites. It is frankly exceptional, and what a joy it is to slip your feet inside! The air cushions feel good, and the different massage modes are equally pleasant. And that’s not to mention the heat, which is just great for relaxing the muscles, no longer having cold feet and feeling even more relaxed!

If the device seems bulky, it allows it, on the other hand, to accommodate without the problem of the 45, even of the 46: the men will thus have no problem to benefit from it. The brand also had a good idea by allowing to opt for a quiet mode, some people being much more sensitive than others. If this device tempts you, I would tell you, therefore, not to hesitate!

2. Renpho – Best foot massagers of 2022

The Renpho relies on balls, rollers, air cushions, and a heating system for a relaxing foot massage. Therefore, the experience offered is similar to shiatsu, and it simultaneously relieves pain and reduces muscle fatigue while improving blood circulation.

As the ease of use also makes the moment more pleasant, the touch panel located on the device is completed by remote control to activate the timer (with automatic shutdown after 15 or 30 minutes), start the heat or even choose the level of sensitivity.

With three intensities and three different pressure levels, the massage can be very gentle or, on the contrary, much more intense. Note that the fabric cover located inside is removable, making it easy to clean so that the machine remains perfectly hygienic.

My opinion: Just like the Naipo that I presented to you just before, this Renpho is also in a high-end category with all the advantages that come from it. The device is ideally designed, and the foot massages it offers are an absolute pleasure! Whether your legs are heavy, tired, sore, or you spend all day standing because of your work, it can only do you good.

It is also perfect that the intensity can adjust since the last level is quite powerful, and I found that the remote control was far from being a simple detail: it allows the device to be controlled. Without having to bend, which helps to relax even more! If you have the budget to treat yourself to a performance massager, this one is also a great choice.

3. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

The Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine does everything to relieve the feet effectively. Its air cushions inflate and deflate rhythmically to provide a compression massage at the instep and tendon. Its roller helps stretch and relax the muscles of the arch and toes by applying the correct pressure. And once stiffness and muscle knots have calmed down, the diffusion of comfortable heat allows for better relaxation.

The device also offers three massage modes (to activate only the desired element), and it is possible to adjust the intensity in case of high sensitivity. Equipped with an automatic timer, it shuts off by itself after 15 minutes, which is considered the optimal time. For hygienic use, the internal cover can finally remove for cleaning.

My opinion: This foot massager is, in my opinion, one of the best value for money you can find. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine has designed a very pleasant massager with all the essential features but at a relatively reasonable price. I particularly like the fact that it encompasses the entire foot and that in just 15 minutes, relaxation is successful.

Whether in terms of movements or intensity, it is effective. Besides, give yourself time to get used to the bearings and pressure: it sometimes hurts a little the first few times, but it fades quickly. And it is also this which allows the massages to make the pain go away! Aside from being noisy (at least louder than the high-end models), it is an excellent product.

4. Beurer FM 60 – Best foot massagers of 2022

With the Beurer FM 60, the rest are not complicated! When you go to operating on the principle of shiatsu massage, this device equips with 18 massage heads capable of stimulating the foot’s arch to offer both a feeling of well-being while providing better blood circulation. So that the moment remains pleasant for all, two speeds are also available to adjust the massage according to the sensitivity.

In addition, soothing heat diffuses using infrared points: it penetrates inside the muscles for an even more complete action. Easy to use, a single button activates it while the incline is infinitely adjustable, simply by pressing on the toes. Soft on the skin, the fabric is finally in mesh, making it perfectly breathable.

My opinion: If you fancy buying yourself a massager for your feet but don’t want to spend too much money, this Beurer is the one you should be looking at. Unlike other much more expensive models, it is distinguished because the foot is not covered. There is, therefore, no pressure massage, and the heat is not enveloping. But when it comes to relaxation after a workout or a long day of walking, for example, it is pretty compelling.

You have to put your feet on it, and let’s go for a pleasant relief, whether thanks to the gentle temperature or the movements of the massage heads! No speed adjustment offers, but it’s not a problem; these heads are not particularly intense. For a cheap device, it isn’t too bad.

5. Kendao – best foot massagers of 2022

The Kendao is entirely composed of carefully carved and ridged natural wood rollers in the purest tradition of massage devices. Thanks to its various reliefs, it can stimulate the foot’s arch to relax the muscles and relieve pain. Sufficiently long and wide, it allows you to massage each isolated area and in a straightforward way.

It suffices simply to make back and forth movements by applying a more or less pronounced pressure according to the needs and the sensitivity. While barefoot use is recommended, it is even possible to keep socks on when extreme sensitivity. Therefore, it is a device that can be addressed to anyone and can also be taken everywhere, even when travelling, due to its low weight and bulk.

My opinion: Electric foot massagers do very well, but we must not forget that wooden models are also almost equally effective! So yes, of course, we can ignore the pleasant diffusion of heat on these versions. We’re back to basics, but it’s not bad. Especially since the rollers are perfect for reproducing the feeling of a manual massage and that you can press a little more if the pain in the foot is significant.

In addition, with a 100% wooden design, it is both an ecological and non-polluting model, which is also an asset in our time. So I have no problem recommending this model: if you like its simple side, you should be happy with it!

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5 best foot massagers of 2022

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