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30 beautiful white living rooms for inspiration 2022

30 beautiful white living rooms for inspiration 2022

30 beautiful white living rooms for inspiration 2022

Keys to getting it right when choosing curtains

Curtain or blind? A plain or patterned fabric? And the fastening system? If you have doubts about how to choose home curtains, we help you solve them, and we propose designs to choose from.

the shape of the window

  • Curtains for small houses
  • Unify the curtains, and the house will be enlarged
  • Do you prefer more light or more privacy?
  • Plain or patterned curtains?
  • What is the ideal length for curtains?
  • How do I hang the curtains?
  • What if I prefer blinds?
  • Curtains: shopping


Depending on the size, some curtains will suit you better than others. And it is that a different type of curtain fits each window. Thus, the balcony windows, like the ones in the image, appreciate curtains because the blinds are uncomfortable and make it difficult to open them. On the other hand, blinds are better for windows that do not reach the ground, especially if you want to take advantage of their lower part.


The meters are essential when choosing the curtains and getting them right. Thus, when choosing the curtains for small flats, the safest bet is to dress the windows with blinds or net curtains because when they are attached to the glass, they barely occupy, and you should not leave a few cm free on the sides for the curtain. Fabric to fold. And as for the material, go for light colors and open wefts that let the light through. A trick: if you opt for a tone that is the same or similar to that of the wall, you will gain a sense of space.


Choosing the same fabric and even type of curtains for the whole house is a decorator’s trick, especially for small spaces. But it is also valid for a large home, where you want to create a feeling of the whole and not that each area goes by itself.


It is essential to be clear about what you want to prioritize: with the curtains drawn between light in the house or even glimpse the outside or, on the contrary, gain maximum privacy even if you “mortgage” the light with it.

If you are the first option, you will be interested in choosing light, slightly dense, and open-weave fabrics, linen, or cotton never fail. On the other hand, if you are looking for a “screen effect,” go for materials with a lot of body and “heavy,” such as velvet, thick linen, wild silks, or chenille. You can combine these curtains with light curtains made of thread, voile, or open-weave linen, which will give you a lot of play because they will let in light and draw the curtains when you want more privacy.


Depends. How big your house is and the effect you are looking for. Opt for plain fabrics, and critical colors are recommended in small spaces because they expand the reach and multiply clarity. If you love prints, you can opt for a design with tiny motifs and soft colors.

Patterned curtains animate large rooms, as long as the drawing is in proportion to the space (the pattern must be seen correctly). One piece of advice: opt for timeless designs, such as flowers, stripes, or geometric motifs; they will last longer and won’t tire you out so much.


It is a matter of taste and fashion. The most common is to add about 15 cm to the length of the window. However, if you like your curtains to rest loosely on the floor as we do, add about 10 cm more. The look is more welcoming, and the space looks more dressed.

Don’t know how to calculate the meters of fabric you need for a curtain? We’ll give you a hand: add 30 cm to the window’s width and then multiply the result by 2, 2.5, or 3, depending on whether you want a curtain with more or fewer gathers. This will be the width, and to know the length, you will need to measure from where you want to place the bar and add that extra cm, according to your tastes.


The usual thing is to hang the curtains using rods or rails. The bars are the most straightforward option and have a decorative plus because you can choose a discreet and minimalist bar or one with more personality and eye-catching finishes. The bars are usually accompanied by rings or loops, small strips of the same fabric as the curtain through which the bar passes. As for the rails allow the curtain to be handled more efficiently, although they are less aesthetic.


Blinds are a convenient option beyond small spaces. Although there are different types of blinds, the package type prevails, which, as they go without rods, has a more natural look and is not as rigid and static as was the case with the folding ones.

Blinds or screens, in their more informal and casual version, are a widespread option in children’s rooms.

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Timeless, soft, delicate, and minimalist, the white living room has never ceased to amaze us. White curtains, a white sofa, white walls, and white carpet dress this living room with chic and relaxation. How to arrange a white living room and select beautiful white furniture? Here are 30 inspirations to help you adopt it without a hitch.

White in decoration is a safe bet. Bright and easy to marry, it instantly enlarges the space and imposes charm and simplicity. A perfect color to sublimate a living room-like living room. The white living room is ideal if you are afraid of getting tired of the color and if you like to renew your decorative accessories regularly. To adopt it, you have to follow a few rules.

A white living room with white walls and furniture!

The white living room in total look, and the white living room changes according to the seasons using complementary colors. The entirely white living room plays on a perfect harmony that aims to honor white through several materials (cotton, silk, linen, velvet, wool). Thus, the place put on a tone that seeks to transform the white living room into a sober and refined space. With this idea, it is always possible to establish a specific style: in a total white look, the Scandinavian style will be noticed by the presence of light wood or white tinted wood, discreet lights that blend into the decor, and friendly materials. and enveloping for a cocooning spirit.

If one thinks of a contemporary white living room, this would be noticed by choice of furniture (linear or with a futuristic design) and the presence of metal and glass for a workshop spirit. For a classic white living room, we put on white drapes, large white curtains, and large sofas that alternate between fluidity and superb comfort. 30 beautiful white living rooms for inspiration 2022

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A white living room with a few hints of color

As for the white living room, which dresses in a new style each season, the latter consists of white walls, a white ceiling, and white furniture, but it is toned up by the presence of color notes dotted with other parts room. In summer, the white sofa (and even the white linen sofa ) will be covered with trendy cushions in tangy tones to illuminate the space a little more; in winter, we will install plaids and cushions in warm colors that warm the whole.

The white living room can also change according to trends: when copper comes back to the fore, we like to use it to make the white living room shine. If we diligently follow the color of the year revealed by Pantone®, we will renew white decorative accessories from year to year; if the material becomes fashionable, we will like to use it in space and so on. After. Finally, if you are the type to make little effort, you will embark on the development of a classic but timeless living room in gray and white.

In any case, the white living room is suitable for all exposures: facing south, it will be doubly bright; facing north, it will receive natural light and guarantee never to darken the space. The white living room also allows it to enlarge the area, adapting to all surfaces. We love its simplicity and timelessness, without forgetting that it is necessarily chic, enabling you to avoid bad taste!

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30 beautiful white living rooms for inspiration 2022