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20 Beach wedding guest dresses that suit them the most

20 Beach wedding guest dresses

20 Beach wedding guest dresses

The beach wedding that everyone dreams of: the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the bohemian atmosphere. Yes, but here, if you are invited to a ceremony on the sand, you already have to be aware of the details to choose your perfect Beach wedding guest dresses. For a hippy wedding or whatever you want it to be this summer, Stylight is here to help you!

The rules to respect to shine at a beach wedding

  • Think comfort: goodbye to heels and tight dresses. You can end up sunk in the sand or get too hot. Get in a flat mood and a flowy dress.
  • Avoid white: Just because we are on a beach does not mean that the holy rule does not apply! White, ecru, and ivory are the bride’s colors, and that’s it.
  • No to the total look: Some references to the sea are allowed. As long as we run away from looking like the little mermaid
  • But not too casual comfort: While it is true that it is not necessary to be too formal for a beach wedding, It’s also prohibited the use of pants, shorts, and flip-flops!

Five tips for choosing the beach wedding guest dresses

Do not miss these five key tips for you to choose the most appropriate style and look great if you were invited to a beach wedding: You will love them!

We have all been excited to see a wedding invitation; We think of the joy of accompanying that friend who is going to get married, and this question also arises: What party dress am I going to wear? Lately, weddings on the beach and those outdoors are gaining momentum. How to choose the right look for these celebrations? Keep reading!

There are always trends in weddings, and surely one of the strongest is getting married in front of the sea. For decades, this type of celebration has been one of the favorites for thousands of couples who want to start this new stage amid the tranquility that a beach provides. How to dress for a wedding?  Follow these tips and succeed without measure!

Tip #1: Keep the wedding style in mind

The first thing you should do is find out or have an idea of ​​what the wedding will be like; what is the theme, the colors that you can use, those that cannot and the time of the celebration: This is a key point! Remember that being a beach wedding, you have the advantage of playing a little more with colors and thus enjoying your choice to the fullest. 

Tip #2: Bet on vibrant colors and prints

A beach wedding is synonymous with color and joy. So dare to wear printed dresses with figures, ruffles, flowers, and fun tones. Leave flat dresses behind and, of course, avoid wearing white, unless the wedding theme requires that you get dressed in this color.

Beach wedding guest dresses
Beach wedding guest dresses

Our suggestion is pastel colors to match the shades of the sea, or if your skin is tanned, dare to use a green, yellow, or coral: you will be fantastic! Note: Avoid dark colors such as black or gray that are not very in tune with the environment you will be in.

Tip #3: Wedding by day or wedding by night

Considering the time of the event, choose a suitable model for the occasion. If the wedding is on the day, you could use a simple wedding dress or a flared skirt. You could also wear wide palazzo pants or culottes combined with a crop top, or wear a jumpsuit or jumpsuit, something that is all the rage! If the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, the recommendation is to wear a long dress with a fall. You can also take a chance with sexy necklines. 

Tip #4: Harmony in the whole look

Complement your look with spectacular accessories. It is ideal for contrasting party shoes, a beautiful clutch, and other accessories. If your choice is a colored dress, look for the accessories to be neutral or if you have a neutral color in your suit, opt for bright accessories in strong colors and, above all, wear comfortable shoes for the occasion.

Sandals can be high-heeled but exclude those with a very fine heel. Even some beach weddings are barefoot or in flat sandals, so there’s no need to worry.

Tip #5: Do not forget to choose the hairstyle

Surely you are thinking about what hairstyle to use. The best thing is to go with a very simple hairstyle, uncomplicated and not at all sober. It is ideal for a semi-collected, a braid, or to leave the hair loose with soft waves. Remember that you will be on the beach so don’t worry. As for makeup, choose soft tones, apply a good base with sunscreen, and above all, be very natural. You will not need strong or heavy makeup.

A beach wedding is ideal for reflecting a fresh, casual, natural, and freestyle. Enjoy without complications, and above all, let your imagination fly to achieve the ideal look. Do not forget to follow these tips, and forget your comfort without neglecting elegance. Don’t miss out on being the perfect guest in a marriage. 

Beach wedding guest dresses
Beach wedding guest dresses

20 ideal Beach wedding guest dresses

  1. Casual Guest Wedding Dresses
  2. Flowy Guest Dresses For Beach
  3. Cute Short Dresses For Guest
  4. Long Gowns For Beach Wedding Guest
  5. Boho Guest Outfits For Party
  6. Pimkie playsuit
  7. Zara set
  8. Mode Trotter dress
  9. H&M playsuit
  10. Maje dress
  11. Mirae dress
  12. Rouje dress
  13. Mango jumpsuit
  14. Au Printemps Paris dress
  15. Isabel Marant Étoile skirt
  16. Jacquemus skirt
  17. Boohoo dress
  18. Ba & Sh dress
  19. Petite Mendigote dress
  20. Iro shorts

Get inspired by these cool, comfy, and bohemian outfits to look amazing on that special day.

It’s been more than six months since the invitation arrived, and you let it pass. You thought, “then I see what to wear. I will be enjoying the beach, the sun, and the sand. What could go wrong?” However, the long-awaited date of your sister, cousin, friend, or coworker is almost here, and you have no idea where to start. These are some tips to choose your outfit wisely. Plus, 50 beach wedding dresses will inspire you.


Just as if it were a ceremony in the city, getting married at 11:00 am is very different than doing it at 4:00 pm. The earlier it is, prepare for intense heat and beautiful scenery in the background. For this reason, you can play with colors and patterns, in addition to taking more risks with your look.

For example, wear shorter dresses, a jumpsuit, or a crop top outfit with a skirt. Since the weather is an important factor, the protocol and etiquette become more relaxed. Here, the only thing forbidden is to wear heavy and rigid fabrics or long dresses such as ballroom or gala.

fashion and beauty
Beach wedding guest dresses

For the afternoon, the ideal would be a short day dress, with characteristics very similar to one in the morning. The only difference is that it should preferably be at the knee or one or two fingers above. On the other hand, a wedding at night does change: the ideal setting would be a long and light dress, you will look great.

Ceremony venue

Take into account where the link will be on a nearby beach or church. You should dress accordingly and be a little timid if it is the latter. Otherwise, we recommend wedge heels, platforms, or sandals not to end up stuck in the sand. Also, go for a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable in the heat and wind. You don’t want to end up with your hair all tangled and tousled.

Also, you are likely to move from one setting to another, so be cautious and bring a change of shoes. As for the dress, one with an overskirt will do all the work for you: in the church long and the beach shorter.

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

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20 Beach wedding guest dresses that suit them the most

Summer is a season of high concentration of tourism and festivals, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies. It is the perfect time to review fashion trends to find out what the best solutions are in terms of an appropriate outfit for the occasion. Whether you are invited to such a special event, or you are simply looking for a dose of fashion inspiration, in this article, we show you how to find and wear the Beach wedding guest dresses for an ideal summer wedding by the theme and trends. 

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  1. How to dress for a wedding
  2. Formal ceremony dress for traditional wedding
  3. Bohemian chic dress for a wedding on the beach
  4. Guest dress for a vintage ceremony
  5. Guest dress for a country-style summer wedding
  6. Where to find the perfect guest dress?

How to dress for a wedding

One of the key factors determining our perfect outfit for a special occasion such as a wedding is the dress code specified on the invitation. In general, there are a few popular types of ceremony for summer weddings, including traditional weddings, vintage or country weddings, and the ceremony on the beach. More often than not, even if the dress code is not mentioned, you can easily guess the type of the ceremony by paying attention to the details on the invitation or simply asking the chosen theme of the bride and groom.

Summer: the most preferred season for a wedding ceremony. Here’s how to choose the perfect outfit for the special occasion

Formal ceremony dress for traditional wedding

Whether it’s summer or winter, the dress code is always formal when it comes to a traditional wedding. It means that the decisions regarding outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, will have to be made to obtain an elegant and stylish vision. So, to afford a more refined look, it is advisable to opt for rather long cuts (and avoid dresses that are too short) as well as more neutral colors. It is, of course, possible to wear a model of a more lively shade. However, you must pay attention to the choice of accessories and shoes by opting for simpler models.

Find a formal dress that fits the chosen theme

Bohemian chic dress for a wedding on the beach

Normally a beach wedding is less formal and gives us more freedom in choosing comfortable and casual clothes. So, bohemian-style maxi dresses, for example, are a superb variation for those who want to wear a light and flowing piece without sacrificing style. In addition, the ceremony on the beach allows you to put on a more comfortable pair of shoes and opt for simpler and more natural makeup.

The wedding on the beach allows us to dare a more casual but still chic vision with a bohemian dress

Beach wedding guest dresses for a vintage ceremony

The vintage-minded wedding emphasizes retro trends and tastes of the past. So, to sublimate your guest silhouette, nothing more suitable than to opt for a dress model with the charm of yesteryear. Lace being a delicate material that gives off a vintage feel, turns out to be an ideal alternative for the occasion. Side length: the midi models whose hem ends between the ankle and the knee are typical for this retro look and very current. Regarding the design, you can opt for a multicolored model with checks, stripes, polka dots, or floral prints, or choose a plain dress.

Mid-length cut models are an ideal solution for a vintage-style ceremony

Beach wedding guest dresses for a country-style summer wedding

The country style is distinguished by a more simple and understated appearance, inspired by nature. So if this is the theme of the wedding you are invited to, you are advised to favor soft, pastel colors like pink, green, and purple, as well as warm and earthy undertones like yellow and pale orange. Flowery accents are also appropriate, especially in delicate embroidery or accessories for a romantic hairstyle. Round braided bags and straw sandals are a fantastic idea to complete her vision.

We emphasize a more romantic appearance with clothes with a simple and natural design for a country wedding. 

Where to find the perfect guest dress?

There are different options for getting the perfect dress model, depending on the case. So, for example, if it is a less formal ceremony and you want to dress according to the latest trends, you can either peruse current collections online or shop around. If you need a retro-chic dress, vintage clothing stores are the answer. If you have a clear idea about your outfit but cannot find the model of your dreams, the most suitable alternative would be visiting a tailor-made dress-making and design workshop.

A model on the lookout for contemporary trends or a retro-chic piece?

20 Beach wedding guest dresses that suit them the most

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