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17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Dreamlike beaches, stunning nature, and an infectious joie de vivre: that’s Italy. As one of the most popular travel destinations, Italy is at the top of the list. The Italian islands are trendy. But, which is the most beautiful Italian island? Where are the most beautiful beaches, which ones are ideal for a wellness holiday, and which islands are the best for an active holiday?

The best-known islands are Sicily, Sardinia, and Capri, which are worth a trip despite their fame. But we present to you other unknown and small Italian islands for your vacation. In this article, I will show you the beautiful islands of Italy so that you can get inspired and start planning your next Italian beach vacation.


  • 1. Sicily | The largest island in the Mediterranean
  • 2. Saline | A little cinematic gem
  • 3. Ischia | Wellness Lovers Island
  • 4. the Elbe | The Caribbean dream
  • 5. Capri | The island of the jet set
  • 6. Provide | the island of colors
  • 7. Sardinia | The island of different traditions
  • 8. Monte Isola | the sea island
  • 9. Lampedusa – First Class Holiday Island
  • 10. Pantelleria – The volcanic island
  • 11. Murano – The colorful island of glass art
  • 12. Favignana – The insider information
  • 13. San Pietro – Secret Hot Spot
  • 14. Tiber Island | a tiny island
  • 15. Borromean Islands | The Italian paradise islands
  • 16. Tremiti Islands
  • 17. Maddalena Archipelago
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17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Sicily | The largest island in the Mediterranean

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, with 1,152 kilometers of coastline, and also one of the most famous when it comes to Italian holidays by sea.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Although this Italian island is no longer an insider tip, a holiday in Sicily is always worthwhile. The capital, Palermo, is the cultural center of the island. It captivates above all for its impressive cathedral, which is a mixture of various styles today. But also on the rest of the island, you will find many places of interest—mainly historic and beautiful buildings.

Sicily Highlights :

  • Etna: The largest still active volcano in Europe, which you can also climb on a guided tour.
  • Greek Theater of Taormina: The most significant cultural event is the film festival every year.
  • Agrigento: Also called Valley of the Temples. Here you will find impressive temples surrounded by olive groves with a unique view.
  • Alcántara Gorge: A natural wonder straight out of a picture book. Along with the unique rock formations, you can admire the natural spectacle on the hiking trails.

In addition to many attractions, you will also find dreamlike beaches here, ideal for a bathing holiday. The most popular is Mondello beach, near Palermo, Cala Caprera, and Monte Cafano beach.

Tip: Sicily is ideal for a short trip around Italy, as it is not too big, but at the same time it has many highlights to offer.

Saline | A little cinematic gem

In the Tyrrhenian Sea is the tiny Italian island of Salina. North of Sicily, it is part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Salina deserves a visit, especially for lovers of idyll. Because the island is made up of two volcanoes, it is still exceptionally green.

The quaint little towns are mainly on the coast and nestle into the volcanic slopes. It is a real feast for the eyes, and you can enjoy nature in its purest form.

The island is also a little cinematic gem, as the hit movie “The Postman” was shot here, so the island itself is a spectacle. In addition, here you will mainly find beautiful areas and places.

Highlights of this Salina:

  • Pilgrimage Church of the Virgen del Terzito: The oldest Marian sanctuary in the archipelago. Solemn processions are held here on holidays.
  • Spiaggia dello Scario: A small hidden bay with dreamy clear waters and a pebble beach.
  • Area Balneabile di Pollara: Wonderful cliffs where you can enjoy romantic sunsets.

You should know: It is not so easy to get to the island, because it can only be accessed by boat. The ferries depart from Milazzo in Sicily, and the crossing takes almost four hours due to several stops. But the trip is worth it. I promise you!

3. Ischia | Wellness Lovers Island

The Italian island of Ischia, not far from Naples, is an absolute paradise for wellness fans and nature lovers. Because here you will find incredible nature and many spas and thermal baths.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Ischia is famous for its many excellent thermal springs, where you can relax during your vacation in Italy. There are also unique panoramic views and a lot of tranquility.

If you are a nature lover, you will quickly fall in love with this Italian island. In addition to excellent hiking trails through unique and exotic nature, there are also wonderful picturesque gardens with exotic plants.

Highlights of this Ischia:

  • Castello Aragonesa: This imposing fortress is hard to miss and is situated on a small rocky islet just off the island.
  • Mount Epomeo: It is the highest mountain on the island, which you should climb. From here, you have a fantastic view of the entire island.
  • Giardini Ravino and La Mortella: Two beautiful gardens, one focused on cacti and the other on tropical flowers.

This holiday island in Italy has mild to warm temperatures throughout the year so that you can enjoy a dream vacation at any time of the year. Hollywood also takes advantage of this advantage, as several Hollywood movies have been shot on the island.

You should know: Ischia can only be reached by ferry. The crossing from the mainland takes approximately 1.5 hours.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022
17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

The Elbe | The Caribbean dream

Have you always wanted to go on vacation to the Caribbean? But have you never had the money or time for such a big vacation? Then we recommend the Italian island of Elba.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

The largest island of the Tuscan archipelago, Elba, is only 10 kilometers from the mainland and promises a Caribbean atmosphere. It is also ideal for a day trip during your vacation in Tuscany. After a short trip, you will arrive at beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, as you only know them in the Caribbean.

Elba is one of the Italian islands where you can spend a dream vacation by the sea and enjoy long days at the beach and cultural experiences. One of the most popular places on the island is two villas. These were built by Napoleon, the most famous inhabitant of the island. Both villas still exist today and can be visited.

Elbe Highlights: 17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

  • Sassi Ritti: Four standing stones in the west of the Italian island.
  • Monte Capanne: From the highest mountain on the island, reached by cable car, you have a fantastic view of the whole of Elba.
  • Piccola Miniera: In Porto Azzuro, there is a minor point of interest, especially for children: a reconstructed mountain mine that you can travel through on an underground train.

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The island of Elba is also ideal for hiking, as there are several elevations with unique flora and fauna that invite you to take a walk. And Elba is also a paradise for divers and scuba divers because the water quality is outstanding, so you have excellent visibility underwater.

Capri | The island of the jet set

A unique view awaits you in Capri that you will not soon forget. You can walk through the narrow streets to the island’s highest point and enjoy the atmosphere and views.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

The question has already been answered. Capri is famous for its breathtaking views of it. But the sight of olive trees, white limestone, vines, and the deep blue sea also make Capri one of Italy’s most popular destinations time and time again.

Another highlight is the Grotta Azzura, the blue cave, half-submerged and accessible from the sea.

Highlights of this Italian island:

  • Via Krupp: A spectacular winding road that overcomes a drop of 100 meters and offers impressive views.
  • Villa San Michele: One of the main attractions on the island is Villa Michele, built by a Swedish doctor and writer. Gardens bloom everywhere, and the view from here is also unique.
  • Faraglioni Rocks: Four rocks that you can see from different points of view. You can go through one of the rocks by boat through a tunnel.
  • Villa Jovis: This villa was built by the Roman Emperor Tiberius. The Roman-style villa was almost like a fortress.

You should know: The easiest and fastest way to get to the holiday island in Italy is by ferry, which leaves from the mainland near Naples or from Sorrento, just five kilometers away.

Provide | the island of colors

Procida will make your heart beat faster, that’s for sure. Because with all the colorful houses, you can’t help but be in a good mood.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

The highlight of the smallest Italian island in the Gulf of Naples is undoubtedly the houses stacked one on top of the other along the coast and full of color. An extraordinary atmosphere for an exceptional Italian party.

Currently, the island is not yet a mass tourist destination, making it ideal for a relaxing vacation. The island can be reached very quickly through Naples, and as soon as you arrive there, you feel like being in another world. In Procida, the clocks tick a bit slower.

Highlights of Procida:

  • Terra Murata: From the highest point of the island, you have the best view of the colorful houses on the coast.
  • Vivara Nature Reserve: A narrow bridge separates the impressive nature reserve from the main island.

You will not find any hotels on the small island of Procida, which is only four square kilometers. They are pleased with their colorful houses and the unique atmosphere. Furthermore, the tiny island does not offer enough space for more homes, not to mention large hotel complexes.

There are lemon and orange trees everywhere, and fishers sit in front of their huts, mending their fishing nets.

Sardinia | The island of different traditions

Whether it’s a beach holiday or a cultural holiday, you can combine both in Sardinia. The island boasts fantastic beaches, like those found only in the Caribbean, and cultural attractions.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts: around the island, you will find many suitable surf spots and impressive underwater landscapes for your holidays in Sardinia. Capo Testa, for example, is one of the best diving spots in the world.

Hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth in Sardinia. In the island’s mountainous interior, you can go hiking and cycling wonderfully. Once at the top, you can also enjoy a unique view from this Italian island.

Sardinia Highlights:17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

  • Su Nuraxi: UNESCO World Heritage Site with prehistoric tower buildings from the Late Bronze Age.
  • Capo Testa: On this peninsula, you will find strange mythical creatures made of granite and beautiful beaches and bays.
  • Arbatax Rocks: Right at the entrance to the small fishing village of Arbatax, you will find the red rocks, which stand out clearly from the surroundings due to their color.
  • Bastione Saint Remy: This monument is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia. From here you also have a fantastic view.

Sardinia is famous among the Italian islands for its dream beaches, which regularly appear on lists of the best in the world. Long beaches of white sand and turquoise blue waters await you.

But not only do the beaches make the island unique, but Sardinia is different from the rest of Italy. On the one hand, the language spoken here is Sardinian, and the traditions and cuisine are also different from the typical Italian traditions and dishes.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022
17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Monte Isola | the sea island

An island on the mainland, isn’t that possible? If possible! Monte Isola is situated on one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, in the northern provinces of Brescia and Bergamo.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

There are five small and picturesque villages on the island, just 4.5 square kilometers in the middle of Lake Iseo. These captivate with an extraordinary charm because they seem to come from the Middle Ages. For that alone, the island is worth visiting. There are not many more places to see on this small island.

Highlights of Monte Isola:

  • Madonna Della Ceriola: A Roman Catholic church on top of the sea island.

However, it is a paradise for those seeking peace, as well as for active vacationers. A hike to the island’s highest point offers you a unique view of the lake.

Another unique feature is that the island has no cars and is, therefore, a long island. Only one bus line runs through the island in the summer months.

Lampedusa – First Class Holiday Island

Another island with a Caribbean flair is Lampedusa, where you can experience a first-class vacation in the Mediterranean. Here you will also find some of the most beautiful beaches.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

But, above all, a vacation on this Italian island is worth it for the weather.

Temperatures are pleasant at all times of the year due to the island’s location between Sicily and Tunisia.

In addition to the many magnificent beaches and some interesting places, in Lampedusa, you can experience the authentic Italian way of life.

Lampedusa Highlights:

  • Madonna di Porto Salvo: A statue of the island’s patron saint. The most important building on the island, a church, is also located here.
  • Madonna del Mare: A spectacle that is almost 14 meters under the water and can be visited in a dive.
  • Cala Galera: This bay is a little secret and can only be accessed through the rocks in the water.

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A few meters from Lampedusa is the small island of Isola dei Conigli. Here, you will find the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy and a marine reserve. Caretta-Caretta turtles spawn in this marine reserve. If you are lucky, you will come across some turtles.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Pantelleria – The volcanic island

You won’t find any fantastic beaches on this beautiful 80-square-meter volcanic island, not far from the Tunisian coast.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Pantelleria is a paradise for active tourists, divers, and archaeologists.

Because here you will find the typical houses of the island, which were built with lava rock.

Even today, in Pantelleria, there are still steam outlets and thermal waters, which originate from the island’s volcanic origin.

Pantelleria Highlights: 17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

  • Lo Specchio di Venere: This approximately 16,000-year-old inland lake (the mirror of Venus) impresses its picturesque waters. Due to the hot springs, you can observe a unique play of colors here.
  • Salta la Vecchia: From this cliff, you have a unique view.
  • Dammusi: Country houses built with lava rock. You can find them all over the island.
  • Arco dell Elefante: A rock on the coast that rises from the water in the shape of an elephant. It is considered the landmark of the island.

Pantelleria is one of the Italian islands worth visiting for active tourists because the Italian landscape of Pantelleria is ideal for hiking.

But those interested in archeology also get their money’s worth on this island. Due to the long history of Pantelleria, there is an impressive castle, Punic cisterns, and Roman mosaics to discover.

You can also enjoy capers and wine on the island, as Pantelleria is also known for its cultivation.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Murano – The colorful island of glass art

The island of Murano is only one square kilometer, but it is no less attractive for a vacation or a day trip from Venice.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Murano is located in the Venetian lagoon and can only be reached by water taxi.

After a 15-minute drive from Venice, you can reach Murano and experience a mini-tour of the lagoon city.

As in Venice, the houses are densely packed, the canals characterize the urban landscape, and in every second shop window, you will discover colorful Murano glass figures.

Even today, you can see the artisans blowing glass on the island and marvel at the production of filigree glassware.

Murano Highlights:

  • Glass Museum: Here, you will find everything related to the history of glassblowing on the island and the local Murano glass.
  • Glass factories: In the different glass factories, you can learn about glass blowing.
  • Chiesa Die Santi Maria e Donato: The basilica is famous for its Byzantine mosaic pavements and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Venice and its lagoon.

Murano is also a popular destination for visitors to Venice, but it’s a bit airier and quieter than its big sister.

Favignana – The insider information

Here we come to an absolute insider tip for now! The island is still not so well known among European vacationers. Italian vacationers mainly visit it.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Favignana is an absolute dream if you look for peace and crystal clear waters. Also, the island, which is also called La Farfalla because of its butterfly shape, is not overrun by tourists. Here you can make the most of your vacation in Italy.

Favignana Highlights:

  • Grotte del Bue Marino: A dreamy bay with cliffs. After a short climb, you reach the turquoise blue water.
  • Egadilandia: Here you can take a train tour of the island and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The rocky landscape is ideal for walks and hikes. But since it is also relatively flat, you can easily explore the island by bike. To regain strength, you must enjoy traditional cuisine. An experience!

If you like the underwater world, Favignana is a paradise for you. The sea surrounding the island is the largest marine protected area in Europe and is ideal for snorkeling and diving.

You should know: From Sicily, you can reach the island by ferry in about an hour and a half.

San Pietro – Secret Hot Spot

Another Italian island, ideal for those seeking peace and still a piece of advice for those who know nothing. There is only one place on the entire island, so you are guaranteed not to run into any crowds here.

Why is it worth visiting this Italian island?

Although San Pietro is a popular destination for excursions from Sardinia, the island is tranquil at night. Especially on the outskirts of the city of Carloforte. Only residents and some stars and starry stars will cross your path because there are only a few hotels here.

Also, the water is crystal clear. It is pretty rocky in the north of the tiny Italian island, and you cannot swim very well here. However, in the east and south, you will find small and beautiful sandy beaches where you can bathe in its beautiful waters.

Highlights of San Pietro: 17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

  • Capo Sandalo: A cape on the island’s west coast with a lighthouse. You have a unique view, and you can enjoy romantic sunsets.
  • Punta del Oche: The enormous cavern on the island is especially impressive for its unique play of colors caused by the incident light.
  • Punta Delle Colonne: Two columns that rise from the water in the island’s south. They were formed by nature and were almost 16 meters high until 2010. After several storms today, only the base can be seen.

To get to the old town, you have to climb a few steps. But here, you will not meet mopeds or cars. From the only city on the island, only five roads lead to different corners of the island.

You should know: From Sardinia, you can reach this beautiful island in 35 minutes, which, unlike Sardinia, remains very simple and down to earth.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022
17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Tiber Island | a tiny island

Many visitors enjoy their stay in Rome without knowing that there is an island in the middle of the Tiber River. You’ll find the pretty Isola Tiberina on the river’s southern end, between Trastevere and the Jewish ghetto.

The ship-shaped island is only 270 meters long but has been an essential part of Roman life. Bridges have linked the two banks of the Tiber for more than 2,000 years, and you can cross the oldest bridge in the city, the Fabricius Bridge (built-in 62 BC), to reach the island.

Isola Tiberina has long been an important place for the health of the Romans. A temple dedicated to Aesculapius, the Greek god of healing, was built on the island in the 3rd century BC after a great plague struck Rome. In the 16th century, the Fatebenefratelli hospital was established there, where many of the city’s children are now born. The hospital was also responsible for protecting Jewish refugees during World War II.

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You can easily spend an hour or two wandering around this unique Italian island, taking in its ancient sites and views across the river to San Pedro. It’s beautiful in the fall when the leaves change color. Be sure to stop for lunch at Trattoria Sora Lella, where classic Roman dishes are served just as they have been for the last 80 years.

Borromean Islands | The Italian paradise islands

The Isole Borromee, also known as the Borromean Islands, is a collection of splendid small islands with baroque palaces, botanical gardens, and white peacocks. These islands are situated in the Italian art of Lake Maggiore and are known locally as the country’s “Garden of Eden.”

A vacation on Lake Maggiore is not complete without visiting these picturesque islands, located off the coast of Stresa. Historically, the islands were a place for aristocrats to enjoy lavish parties hosted by the wealthy Borromeo family, after whom the islands are named. It is said that every time the family returns to visit, a flag is ceremonially raised.

The islands are made up of Isola Madre (the largest), Isola Pescatori and Isola Bella. The latter, Isola Bella, is home to a picture-perfect palace with intricately designed caves and gardens. Visitors can purchase a combined ticket to explore the gardens of Isola Bella and Isola Madre, which is best known for their English-inspired botanical garden.

End the day exploring the Borromean Islands at Isola Pescatori, where you’ll find a small selection of seafood restaurants to dine with the 25 lucky locals who call the island home.

Take a one-hour train ride from Milan to Stresa and then join a guided tour or hop on a local ferry to get to the islands.

Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands are a little-known archipelago off the coast of northern Apulia. Few people, especially foreigners, come to these islands or even know they exist.

Crystal clear turquoise waters; rugged coastline; remote communities; an old fortress: looks like it could be the Caribbean, right? The truth is that the Tremiti Islands are a bit difficult to reach, but if you are backpacking through Italy, it is worth the effort.

You must first reach either of the coastal towns of Vieste or Peschici. You can catch a fast ferry to the Tremiti, which usually takes around an hour. The ferries will drop you off at Isla di San Nicola, and from there, you can take a water taxi to one of the other islands.

On the Isla de San Nicolo, the Castello di Badiali was built in the 15th century and later converted into a monastery. On the nearby Isola San Domino are most of the beaches and tourist attractions. You should rent a bike to get around San Domino.

17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022
17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

Maddalena Archipelago

Located in the northeast of Sardinia, in the Bonifacio Strait, the Maddalena Archipelago is a beautiful national park made up of seven islands.

The two main islands, La Maddalena and Caprera, are accessible by ferry from Palau. This means that you can take your car there and get around without stress. Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi, Santo Stefano, and Razzoli are located in a protected area and can only be reached by boat. Boat tours depart daily from Palau and stop at La Maddalena, making it easy for you to get IT.

The beaches of the Maddalena archipelago are lovely and unique. There is even a pink beach known as La Spiaggia Rosa di Budelli. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to walk on it as it was placed under the protection of the National Park a couple of decades ago. Visitors used to steal the arena, so drastic measures had to be taken. You can still see it from the boat during your day trip.

La Maddalena is also home to some great snorkeling and diving spots. Do not forget to bring your tuba and your mask, and you will need them if you go to Cala Coticcio and Cala Corsaro. Spargi is the island that offers the best overall experience. There are beautiful beaches and places to snorkel, and you can go hiking. You will discover stunning views of the other islands, and you can even see Corsica.

As for food, on Maddalena Island, you will find many restaurants serving typical Sardinian food and delicious seafood.

When it comes to accommodation, you have two options. If you want to explore the two main islands, you should stay at the Residenze Le Padule de Maddalena. If you only want to make a day trip, you can book the B&B Bassa Pura in the center of Palau.

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17 Best Islands In Italy To Visit In 2022

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