12 Lululemon Dupes You Can Buy Direct From Amazon

12 Lululemon Dupes You Can Buy Direct From Amazon 

Want Lululemon sportswear but don’t want to spend a lot? These Lululemon dupes found on Amazon are similar to the originals and so much cheaper.

Lululemon is a famous brand for a reason – they make comfortable sportswear that’s chic yet functional. Their clothes are well-made and durable, feel soft, wick sweat and moisture from your skin even during the most sweaty workout, and last a long time. The only drawback? Lululemon is expensive.

For those who love the look and feel of Lululemon dupes but can’t justify spending more than $100 on a pair of leggings they’re going to wear to sweat, there are other options: namely, those fools a lot. More affordable found on Amazon.

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While some of Amazon’s dupes aren’t as high quality or durable as the Lululemon pieces they look like, they get the job done and look remarkably like the original. Many of them are just as comfortable, stretchy, and durable, and some even have the same type of fabric.


  • Leggings and shorts
    • 28 inch Align Pant Dupe: Yogalicious Leggings
    • 28 inch Align Pant Dupe: Colorful Koala Leggings
    • On The Fly Joggers Dupe: CRZ Yoga Joggers
    • Align Short Dupe: Lavento Yoga Shorts for Women
    • Speed ​​Up Short Dupe: CRZ Yoga Running Shorts
  • Tops
    • Power Y Tank Dupe: CRZ Yoga Tank Top
    • Define Jacket Dupe: Queenieke Define Jacket
    • Align Tank Dupe: The Gym People sports bra
  • Arm
    • Free To Be Serene Bra Dupe: CRZ Yoga Sports Bra
    • Free To Be Wild Bra Dupe: Icyzone Sports Bra
    • Enlite Bra Zip Front High Support Dupe: Syrokan Bra
    • Energy Medium Support Bra: Lavento Sports Bra

Leggings and shorts

There are a few different dupes for one of Lululemon’s most popular leggings, as well as various shorts. That doesn’t make sense, of course, as it’s the brand’s extremely comfortable yoga leggings that put them on the map in the first place.

28-inch Align Pant Dupe: Yogalicious Leggings

Soft and soft to the touch, the Lululemon 28 inch Align Pant is one of their bestsellers. They also start at $98.

It’s hard to find leggings comparable to Lululemon’s Perfectly Stretch Align Leggings. Still, there are two options on Amazon that come together incredibly close. Some say they’re even better. Yogalicious High Rise Super Soft Lightweight Leggings are all over TikTok because they make such a good fool.

28 Inch Align Fools:

  • Yogalicious High Rise Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings look precisely like the originals.
  • They come in many of the same colours.
  • They’re almost as light and stretchy as the ones they’re based on.

They have the same high waist with tummy control. Even better? They cost less than $ 20.

28-inch Align Pant Dupe: Colorful Koala Leggings

There are a lot of Align dupes out there. Still, aside from the Yogalicious brand, another one stands out: The Colorfulkoala women’s high waisted yoga pants are another pair that TikTok users will be raving about.

These also look a lot like the Align pants, with one noticeable difference – they have seams on the sides of the leg and a pocket, which some see as a plus. But they’re just as soft and stretchy, and they have a high waist, too.

One reviewer noted that while she is a vast Lululemon fan, “These leggings live up to the hype! “

On The Fly Joggers Dupe: CRZ Yoga Joggers

The Lululemon On The Fly Joggers are made of a super soft material that wicks away sweat, is very light and hangs a bit lose. At $118, they certainly don’t come cheap.

The CRZ Yoga Women’s Stretch Drawstring Joggers don’t look exactly like the Lululemon originals – the waist is slightly different, and the bottom is straighter. Still, the fabric is very similar – they’re soft and made from a lightweight, wrinkle-free material that makes them easy to dress up or get off.

The interior is cool to the touch and ideal for light exercises, like yoga. They also have similar small pockets and have a drawstring waist. And at $30, they’re considerably cheaper.

Align Short Dupe: Lavento Yoga Shorts for Women

The Lululemon Align dupes are their Align leggings but much shorter. Made from the same soft and breathable material, they are available in different lengths. The 4″ shorts cost $58 and look the most similar to these dupes.

Lavento women’s high waisted yoga shorts are a bit shorter than the originals at 3″ but other than that. They look almost the same – and, best of all, Lavento’s are available in tons of options. Of different colours.

The wide, seamless waistband is like the Align shorts, and they’re almost as soft, breathable, and lightweight. They also have the same flat seams, which minimize chafing when on the move. At less than $20, they’re also a lot cheaper.

Speed ​​Up Short Dupe: CRZ Yoga Running Shorts

The Lululemon Speed ​​Up shorts are not tight like the Align shorts; they are more ventilated and loose. They come at $ 58 for the 4″.

At first glance, the CRZ Yoga Women’s Quick-Dry Athletic Running Shorts are identical to the Lululemon originals. They come in similar shades, and they have the same stitching, almost the same size and style, and the same convenient zippered pocket on the back waistband. They also have the same size as a hidden drawstring.

They are silky and soft, light and breathable, and very easy to move. It also has a built-in slip which makes it more comfortable. Overall, it looks and feels the same – and it cost around $25.


Just as you can find very close approximations of Lululemon’s popular pants and shorts, you can also find cheaper versions of their top-selling tank tops and sweatshirts on Amazon. These aren’t perfect copies, but for the savings, we’d say they’re pretty good!

Power Y Tank Dupe: CRZ Yoga Tank Top

The Lululemon Power Y Tank is a plain tank top with thin straps and a Y-shaped back. Starting at $52, many consumers find it overpriced for a simple tank.

Enter the CRZ Yoga Spaghetti Strap Workout Tank Top. It’s almost the same, from the length of the tank top to the spaghetti straps to the Y in the back. Like the original, it has a tight fit. It’s made with cotton for softness and Lycra for comfortable shape retention. The material is thick and durable, wicks sweat and stretches well without becoming too stretchy.

It also has a built-in removable bra for extra support and coverage if needed. The logo on the back looks like the Lululemon logo if you glance. At $24, it’s also a lot cheaper.

Define Jacket Dupe: Queenieke Define Jacket

The Define Jacket by Lululemon features a slim fit, super soft cotton fabric that wicks sweat and stretch, along with thumbholes and cuffs that fold up to keep hands warm. It’s great for being active outside or just wearing as a casual piece, and at $118, it’s the top of the line.

The Queenieke Sports Define Jacket is identical to the original Lululemon and starts at just $27.99. It comes in a vast range of colours, some very similar to Lululemon hues. It has the same fitted cut, the same seams, zipped pockets in the same place and the same high zipped collar. Even the back looks the same.

It also has a similar stretchy, breathable and soft fabric. Although the sleeves have thumb holes, they don’t have the cuffs that fold up to keep the hands warm, which seems to be the most significant difference here.

Align Tank Dupe: The Gym People sports bra

The Lululemon Align Tank is made from the same buttery fabric as the Align leggings and shorts, with a cropped fit and lightweight support. It costs $58.

The dupe of this one is a bra: The Gym People Longline Sports Bra looks like the Align Tank. It’s a long sports bra cut almost the same way as the Lululemon tank top, with the same neckline and straps.

While the fabric is not the same, it is also breathable, lightweight and sweat-wicking, with a tighter fit. The dupe is padded for medium support, slightly different from the lightweight Align tank support, and many think that’s a plus. The dupe also starts at just $23.99.


Are you looking to complete your legging and adorable sports bra workout combination? Instead of spending between $50 and $100 on a sports bra, you can find nearly identical versions on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

Free To Be Serene Bra Dupe: CRZ Yoga Sports Bra

The Lululemon Free To Be Serene Bra is a lightweight, stretchy bra designed for C/D cups. The strappy back is cute and fun, while the front provides coverage and light support (it is meant to be used for something like yoga), and it costs $52.

The cheapest dupe is the CRZ Yoga Cute Yoga sports bra, which costs between $20 and $22, depending on the size. It looks almost identical to the original Lululemon, with more coverage in the front and crossed straps in the back. Both are breathable and comfortable and designed for low impact exercise.

The CRZ Yoga Bra says it offers medium support, and both are available in a wide range of colours.

Free To Be Wild Bra Dupe: Icyzone Sports Bra

Lululemon’s Free To Be Wild Bra is essentially the same as the Free To Be Serene Bra, but it’s designed for A / B cups instead. It has a slightly different strappy back and costs $48.

The dupe is the Icyzone Sports Bra, which looks pretty much like a carbon copy of the original Lululemon dupes. Between $13.79 and $17.99, it’s a lot cheaper, and many more colours are optional.

Both provide lightweight support for low impact workouts, and both are made with stretchy, breathable fabric.

Enlite Bra Zip Front High Support Dupe: Syrokan Bra

Lululemon dupes offer the Enlite Bra Zip Front High Support for high support during high impact workouts. It closes at the front for easy putting on and taking off, the fabric hugs your body perfectly, and it wicks away moisture with a nice back. At $108, it’s pretty expensive.

The best fool on Amazon is the Syrokan High Impact Seamless Racerback Bra. While the back is almost identical to the original Lululemon, and the front is very similar, it lacks the front zipper, which is a pretty handy feature.

The Syrokan is also wireless, which may be preferable for some people and not for others. Both are made of a similar stretchy, soft and breathable fabric, intended for higher impact workouts. If you don’t mind missing the front zipper, and you can handle a back zipper, the Syrokan is a cheaper dupe at $40.

Energy Medium Support Bra: Lavento Sports Bra

Get medium support for training with Lululemon’s Energy Bra Medium Support, which is made of a smooth, low-friction fabric that feels great and wicks moisture. It has a front cover with a strappy back and costs $ 52.

You can also get medium support from the Lavento strappy sports bra, which looks like the Lululemon bra with the same crossed back and a simple front (the Lavento looks a bit longer). It’s breathable, and sweat-wicking for a lightweight feel that keeps you moving and critics sweat. It’s just like the Lululemon option. Plus, it’s only around $22.

12 Lululemon Dupes You Can Buy Direct From Amazon

In an age where working from home has become the norm for many of us, comfortable clothing is the most important thing. Leisure company Lululemon has become one of the unique places for leggings thanks to its buttery soft sportswear – perfect for working out and lounging around the house. But that accumulated Lululemon Leggings cult follow-up, of course, comes at a pretty high price.

Most Lululemon dupes range from $ 88 to $ 128. But what if we told you that there are many ways to get the same feel, look, and style as Lululemon leggings but cheaper?

Yes, it is entirely possible to have a realistic look (and a feeling!) Lululemon leggings dupes for a fraction of the price. Some of these dupes are less than half what Lululemon charges!

 Lululemon Dupes
Lululemon Dupes

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Hands down, Aerie’s OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Leggings are among the best Lululemon leggings dupes out there. Another version of these leggings – The Real Me OFFLINE High Waisted Wrap Leggings – recently sold out. But if you’re still trying to get the Aerie crossovers, these are the best alternatives!

12 Lululemon Dupes You Can Buy Direct From Amazon

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