10 Signs Of A Bad Babysitter

10 signs of a bad babysitter

Do you think the nanny does not take good care of your children? Do you have suspicions that she may be very carefree or that she may even harm or mistreat them? We present the definitive guide so that you understand the signs you must take into account to identify a bad babysitter quickly.

Avoidable accidents

One of the first signs that we face a bad babysitter who does not usually fail is to meet children who have suffered many accidents that would be easy to avoid. Nannies must watch the children, control them, take care of them, and know where they are to prevent these mishaps. 

One of these things can happen to even the best babysitter, but if they happen more than once, it’s time to rethink who we’re dealing with.

It is very unpunctual.

Also, suppose the babysitter is always late or usually late. In that case, she is undoubtedly unreliable because she will always be late, which can even affect your schedules or those of the children. 

In addition, being late indicates that this nanny is not responsible, so we recommend changing the nanny as soon as possible to find someone more reliable to take care of your child.

Change in child’s behavior

If the children get anxious or nervous, we notice them scared when seeing the babysitter. It is not a good omen. Although all children will need a specific period to get used to being with a babysitter, without a doubt, if this does not change over time, you should investigate it because it is also a clear sign that we are facing a bad babysitter. 

Likewise, without a doubt, if you think that something more serious may be happening, as we read in this Madrid private detective portal, you will have to take action as soon as possible and act accordingly to protect your children.

The babysitter never says anything.

She doesn’t need to tell you everything she does from the time you leave until you return, but if the nanny never tells you anything or gives any details of what has happened or what she has done with the little one, she may be hiding something. 

What the babysitter does when you are not there should never be a secret, and that is why you do not have to be ashamed if you want to know what your little one has done when you have not been together. 

If the babysitter does not know how to explain herself well, has problems communicating, or withholds information from you, neither of these is a good option for a person who will take care of your children.

The boy is always hungry when you come back.

If you come home and the little one always wants to eat, or you find him very tired when he is supposed to have taken a nap, perhaps the babysitter is not taking good care of him, is not giving him all the recommended food or helping him to do the rest. 

In this case, you should review the rules with the babysitter, and if you notice that this happens again, you should talk to her as soon as possible and give her an ultimatum because your little one should always come first.

He tells lies, or his explanations seem false.

Likewise,  if you think that the babysitter is telling a lot of lies and you are not convinced by what she is explaining, you should not have this person as a babysitter. 

Someone stealing from you, cheating on you, or lying to you is certainly not a good option for them to be at home with your children because they are capable of this. They are certainly a danger to the little ones, and the relationship at work will never be good.

Criticize how you educate your children

In addition, even if she is a very responsible and educated person if she dares to criticize how you are educating your children insistently. It does not follow the instructions you give her; you should not have her at home since you rule over your children’s education. 

Likewise, it would help if you allowed this person to make suggestions since he is going to spend many hours with your children and, without a doubt. 

He has the right to give his opinion of him and help you educate them, but never to impose his criteria on him because he is your family.

The boy is always dirty.

As we said, with the point of food or setbacks, it can happen even to the best babysitters, even more so considering that children are always playing and it is easy for them to get dirty. 

Now, if the child always arrives dirty or stains, it is that the babysitter is not doing her job well, and at this point, we recommend checking as soon as possible if it is a bad babysitter to act accordingly.

Finding a nanny to take care of your children is not an easy task; it can be quite a challenge for parents. Feeling comfortable and safe with the person you have chosen is vital to keeping your children safe and happy, and this can lead to controversy.

When you hire a nanny, you may think there is no turning back, but there is nothing. If you realize that the babysitter you have hired is not a good fit for your children, you will have to accept that you have hired a bad babysitter and that you will have to find someone else as soon as possible. These are the signs that tell you that she is a bad babysitter.

10 Signs Of A Bad Babysitter

He doesn’t engage in a conversation with you.

The babysitter should greet the parents, smile, and talk to them. Upon her arrival, she would have to ask about the children and talk to the parents long enough for them to feel comfortable before leaving. You’ll need to worry if the babysitter doesn’t speak to the kids either because it will mean that she has a disconnect that could indicate a significant lack of communication.

He does not focus on the instructions you give him.

A good babysitter should be attentive to the instructions you are giving her and also understand them. If you tell the babysitter that the kids have to take a bath and go to bed at a particular time and she says things like, ‘Yeah, sure, aham…’ or doesn’t seem to be paying attention to what you’re saying, you may worry about whether she’ll stick to it. Or not. A good babysitter will take notes of what you are saying, or she will ask you if you have everything better in writing so that she doesn’t forget anything.

She is late and cannot be trusted.

Family emergencies are unavoidable, and they can happen, but a babysitter who is habitually late or cancels your babysitting appointment can be a big problem for you. If your babysitter doesn’t care enough about work to be on time and sensitive to plans, you’ll need to find someone who cares about taking care of your kids!

The children do not want to stay with them.

If your children complain too much about the babysitter, it could be a sign that something is wrong. You start to have doubts when this happens. It could be separation anxiety, or there could be something else. Perhaps he does not take care of them properly or is even terrible. If your children have a hard time every time they have to stay with their babysitter, you will have to investigate what is going on.

Children may have behavioral changes in their routines.

If your child is ordinarily outgoing and suddenly becomes withdrawn or starts having night terrors or sleep problems, the babysitter may have something to do with it. Children’s behaviors can change, but these are warning signs that should not be ignored. Parents must react quickly and decisively and determine if further investigation is warranted.

‘Accidents’ happen too often.

Children falling and injuring themselves can be expected and need not be a cause for alarm. But when there are frequent ‘accidents,’ it should be cause for concern. A good babysitter will quickly explain, but frequent accidents could mean a lack of supervision or physical abuse. Accidents should be indicators that could point to problems, especially if they seem excessive.

Invite someone else to your home (without your permission)

Caregivers sometimes gain the trust of families and then feel “authorized” to invite a friend over to the home over time.

While parents sometimes even offer this to help ease the nerves of being in a household with only children, it is misplaced for an attendant to assume this action is okay. Your kids will get less attention and interaction if your babysitter has someone else. If they also do it without asking you first, that’s more than enough reason to finish the job on your home forever.

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10 signs of a bad babysitter